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11:26 a.m. We gave up on trying to get into the ticket area. I bet there’s 5 million people here. There are just hundreds of thousdands of people still trying to get in. People who don’t have tickets are maybe 75 percent of those people standing in line to get to the ticketed areas. The whole mall and the Capitol are fenced off.

We left home at 5 a.m. and got here around 7. We were in line probably for two hours and didn’t move an inch. It just kept getting more and more crowded. We actually hopped the barrier to get out. It was ridiculous. It wasn’t worth it, so my friends and I are two blocks away at a restaurant, watching it on TV.

But it’s an amazing feeling. All the restaurants are full, and we’ve got a decent view of the TV. Everyone is glued to it. People are cheering.
– I&M staff writer Josh Gray is attending Barack Obama’s inauguration and will share his thoughts and observations on the proceedings throughout the day.

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