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It’s very quiet around the waterfront now. In a week it will be the Fourth Of July. The halfway point of the summer. Hard to believe summer is almost half-over already. The weather finally warmed up a little after a very cold and windy spring. I wandered around the docks early this morning to investigate as I do most every morning. There are a few interesting boats there. One is a Hinckley that Kirby Jones is running. Looks as though her sides are shaved off. And the usual suspect, Belle, Is at her summer slip at the fuel dock along with the Sea Owl. And I noticed Mike Allen built a beautiful new boat lately. She is located right near the A&P parking lot. I stopped and looked her over for a long time. She has really nice lines. Mike did a beautiful job building her. Here are some shots of the waterfront.
– Martie Mack writes the Nantucket Waterfront News and Nantucket Deer blogs

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