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The bucks I’m capturing on my trail cameras now are growing their antlers. They shed last year’s antlers last winter. Deer grow a new set of antlers every spring. They are fully grown by September. This early the antlers are small and covered in velvet. Velvet is a substance with blood vessels on the developing antlers. The blood vessels deliver the blood to all parts of the antler, helping it grow. Bucks are very reclusive this time of the year because they do not want to damage their growing antlers by walking through heavy brush. They lay low only coming out to feed in the open. I have my nine cameras all over the island now documenting bucks and their antler growth. Soon the does will start dropping their fawns. It’s always a nice surprise to see a newborn fawn on my trail cameras. Stay tuned for that. For now, here are pictures from my Bushnell 466 trail camera of a buck in velvet. He spotted my camera and came over to it to investigate. Deer are extremely curious creatures. Anything they see that is new in their environment, they have a look. Click here for more.
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