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As we head into a new year, I feel as if 2012 has to be superior to the one we’re about to abandon. It’s sad to think that most people I’ve spoken to had the same reaction to the change from 2010 to 2011. This doesn’t bode well for the way Americans are liable to react about what’s in front of us. I always believe the upcoming 12 months are going to be better than what just passed. Time will tell.

Around December of each year is the time I look back and decide whether our situation is improving or tanking. This last year was better than 2010, though not enough to sing praises about. Still, any improvement is . . . an improvement. Right about now, I’ll enjoy even a slight bump in happy news, especially if it applies to a growing economy. A healthy economy has a great deal to do with our general happiness.

Christmas Day and the following day saw most businesses on Nantucket closed up tight. On the mainland, the day after Christmas was a busy one for shoppers. More evidence that spending for the holiday is totally out of control.

Last week I mentioned that there will probably be Valentine’s Day things for sale right after Christmas. I was wrong. On Dec. 23 there was a display of heart-shaped candy for sale in the Stop & Shop. Soon it will be time for Daffodil Day.

I am looking forward to the presidential and other elections coming in this next year. No matter how you feel about how our elected officials are doing, from the Oval Office all the way down to our Board of Selectmen, voters have the choice to replace or re-elect those candidates. Too many people in the world never have that choice. In the U.S., not enough citizens exercise that responsibility.

I’m ready for the hot air and big promises to begin. That and the endless media campaign(s), fundraisers and discussions with others about the various flaws and attributes of those folks running for office. Many of my friends and acquaintances and I often disagree on the candidates. The best thing about our arguments is that we go at it verbally, yet don’t carry it beyond that. Much like talking about sports, we don’t let it eat at us afterward.

After reading an article in The New York Times from earlier this month, one has to wonder what our tick situation for the upcoming season is going to be like. “After Lean Acorn Crop In Northeast, Even People may Feel The Effects,” is the title of the article. It opines that because of a poor acorn crop this fall, bird, squirrel and field-mice populations will crash. This could result in a shortage of hosts for ticks (mainly field mice) who will then seek out people to latch onto.

Along with the possibility of more tick problems, deer seeking food are likely to forage outside of wooded areas onto roads, where they’ll be more apt to be hit by cars and trucks. On Nantucket, where we have an immense tick-disease problem, this is something to think about when going out on the moors and into wooded areas. Having had Lyme disease three times and babesiosis once, I’m careful, though the little buggers are sneaky as can be. Obviously, they’re way ahead of me.

I have to wonder why it took so long for the people that built a retaining wall on the beach along Eel Point to be found out. And this was by accident, at that. Surely the ConCom goes back to check the progress of any work they issue permits for. Or do they? If not, I have to wonder how many more people cheated on the scope of their work and weren’t caught.

If the Point Breeze sale goes through and a new developer gets the old girl up and running, it will truly be a shot in the arm for Nantucket. I do wonder if the gentleman buying her really believes it could stay open year-round. We do need more rental rooms in the downtown area to help support businesses in the Main Street environs.
– David Goodman’s “Goodman’s Gam” appears regularly in this space and The Inquirer and Mirror

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  1. Charlie Krajeski Says:


    While I wish Mr. Snider all the luck in the world with the Point Breeze, I really wonder how accurately he ran the numbers. He must have made some model assumptions that the others did not. Either he miscalculated or he has something special planned. I hope it’s the latter.

  2. Sarah Halford Says:

    Dear David,
    Sorry-this has nothing to do with above story.Didn’t/couldn’t find another way to e-mail you. Just wanted to thank you for saying such great things about Jess(and her parents!) thank you so much.

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