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Could there be anything better than having the highest-paid town job, being fired for abusing the position, and now being paid a hundred grand to go away? Not only did Al Peterson get paid off on what appears to be a bogus contract, but the Board of Selectmen (other than Mike Kopko) approved the “please don’t sue us” give-away.

It’s a known fact that our BOS would rather pay off a specious claim than fight a lawsuit, no matter how good a case the town has. I’m not surprised, as the new chair of the Airport Commission is a retired financial guy. Golden parachutes in his former world are usually in the millions of dollars, so this was an easy decision for him. Two members from the commission who approved the under-the-cover contract joined forces with the chair to line Peterson’s pockets with a huge chunk of change on his way out the door.

Then, we’re paying a police officer, accused of driving under the influence, his full salary to sit home and do nothing. Can’t we have him sit at the station and sell parking decals, or count paper clips? Why do I fear the lawsuit he might bring against the town? You’ve got it: the BOS would likely settle with a nice going-away check should he do so. Nantucket citizens are paying one gent who was fired and another to hang out. Nice job, if you can get it.

Over the past week and in the next week and a half, those patrons at the main post office have had to wait in long lines to pick up yellow-slip deliveries. With so many people rushing to mail and pick up holiday packages, it’s going to be a mess on Federal Street for the foreseeable future.

In the above paragraph, I used the term holiday gifts, because there is more than one holiday in December. I am anything but politically correct, so the word Christmas tree is still in my vocabulary. Years ago, a woman I was living with asked what Jews do at this time of year, i.e.. Hanukkah. I told her, tongue in cheek, that we have Hanukkah bushes. She fell for it, until I started laughing.

I’m happy for a number of things right now. The Nantucket Whalers won the Super Bowl and the Boston Globe named Taylor Hughes Player of the Year for Div. 5. Then, four local veterinarians and supporters found a way to save what used to be the Nantucket MSPCA animal hospital. I was skeptical of their efforts and am glad to be proven wrong. Last on my list is the warm weather we’ve enjoyed this fall. Now the temperatures are falling, though they’re above normal for now.

Seeing the lights out where the Even Keel used to be is a bit depressing for many of us. I received an e-mail from Mark-Et saying they’re closing in a few days, and will re-open in March. I’ve also heard the Brotherhood will be shut down for part of this winter. In a way, these closings could be a boon for eateries that remain open through the cold months.

I appreciate the peaceful protest registered by people at Occupy Boston. Unfortunately, some participants latched onto a simple protest and aren’t there for anything but food and messing around.

The New England Patriots keep on winning, though not in impressive fashion. Unless, or until, they improve their pass rush and defense, staying in the playoffs could be a short-term affair.
It will be interesting to see the Boston Red Sox playing under new manager Bobby Valentine. I believe he’ll shake up a moribund team and hopefully, get the most out of an extremely-talented team. Spring training is just over two months away and I can’t wait.
– David Goodman’s “Goodman’s Gam” appears regularly in this space and The Inquirer and Mirror

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