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I was sorry to see that Michael Kopko isn’t going to seek a third term as a member of the Nantucket Board of Selectmen. No matter how you feel about his ideas and votes, I always knew he had the best interests of the island in mind. Some members of the board have yet to show that kind of spirit. Thank you for six years of dedicated service, Michael.

Appointing Bill McGrath as interim airport manager is a touchdown for the town. Here’s a guy who lives, eats and breathes flying. Not only that, he knows how to run a business and do it well. So far, the Airport Commission has a successful firing and hiring to begin their new tenure. Let’s hope they keep doing the right things to put the airport back on track.

I could have sworn that the extension of the Cliff Road Bike Path was completed a while back. As a matter of fact, I remember that there was a dedication earlier this fall. Driving by there this weekend, there is still a sign warning motorists to slow down for road work. That, and there are several dozen orange cones along the edge of the roadside of a “finished” project.

It’s bad enough this fiasco took a ridiculous amount of time to complete, but it doesn’t appear to be over yet. Hopefully the upcoming Hummock Pond Road bike path will be run more efficiently and finished more quickly. Perhaps the contract could have provisions in it guaranteeing that the utility companies remove the telephone poles before the bike path is paved.

Fair fall weather abounds and Thanksgiving is but a week away. With Daylight Saving Time over, the sun is setting far too early. Last week, after a few windy days, it appeared most leaves vacated their lofty perches to clog gutters and cover horizontal surfaces with a coat of brown, red and orange. My car is wearing bright red maple leaves each morning and if nothing else, they’re making it more difficult to spot the dirty hood, which is good, as I don’t believe in washing vehicles.

For whatever reason, my (covered) front porch collects an amazing amount of leaves. It doesn’t matter which direction the wind blows, fallen foliage piles up right by the entryway. The remainder of the porch is relatively bereft of vegetable matter. At least it makes sweeping less onerous and the yard is fairly clean, so no raking is needed.

One good thing about watching the leaves come down is that it signals that Thanksgiving is upon us. Most holidays involve family, friends and food. Thanksgiving is the ultimate when it comes to the troika I just mentioned. People travel to be with loved ones, enjoy a grand feast and then live on leftovers for the next few days.

A well-cooked turkey, fall vegetables and of course, pies, complete the repast. I have a friend who lives solely on leftover turkey, stuffing and gravy until he finishes the remnants. There are few things that beat a turkey sandwich on Portuguese bread, with Russian dressing and a nice wedge of lettuce. For overkill, add stuffing and cranberry relish to the show.

Between Thanksgiving and the upcoming Stroll, we’re going to see more people around town in the next few weeks. Then it’s going to really quiet down here until next April. I have been enjoying the slow pace here over the past month, but this short spell of activity isn’t going to be a big deal. I do like the crowd that shows up for the Cold Turkey Plunge. Then it’s time for “The Meal.”

Pro basketball doesn’t look like the season is going to happen anytime soon. At least the Patriots and Bruins are doing well these days. Congratulations to the Nantucket Whalers on their berth in the Super Bowl. We haven’t had a Whaler football team involved in a playoff for quite a while.
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