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Could we have confronted winter weather any more directly than what was experienced late last week and then over the past weekend? Over the course of a day, warm fall climes took a sudden dive into cold, windy and very wet times. What a shocking way to head into Halloween and the 11th month of 2011.

When the storm was over, we had some minor flooding, leaves blanketing horizontal surfaces and a fair number of branches and trees down. Not so bad, considering what people on the mainland have had to endure. I won’t be surprised if some folks in the Northeast are still without power by the time you read this. Schools were closed in many locales and Halloween celebrations were postponed.

A friend in Connecticut told me that there’s eight to 10 inches of snow on the ground, the town is without power and Halloween is not going to be happening in a normal way for most kids. Many sidewalks aren’t clear and did I mention it . . . the power is still off and could stay that way for over a week.

As it turns out, local kids are all set. The weather was calm and cool Halloween, but not freezing. We had the Main Street parade and the Fire Department’s Halloween party for youngsters. Once again, I notice that all too many of the adults take great pride in their costumes; sometimes more so than those of their sons and daughters. It’s fine to get into the day, though please make sure that your get-up is more modest that that of your child.

I did notice that candy sales at both grocery stores looked to be less than usual. In a way, that could be due to the fact that they were setting out displays over a month ago, so maybe shoppers already stocked up early. In my case that would simply necessitate another trip to replenish what I’d eaten in the meantime. Why is it that the mini candy bars taste so much better than the full-size ones do?

It appears that most of the drama out at the Nantucket Memorial Airport is over – not done, by any means – but the clean-up is coming. I can’t wait to see how large Mr. Peterson’s settlement is going to be. Good deal, if you can get paid a settlement on a contract that the town counsel says isn’t legal. Either way, it’s time for all of us to move on.

Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend. Before retiring on Saturday evening, remember to set your clocks back an hour. Many of the electronic devices we employ make me hard-put to abide them, what with figuring out how to operate them. Their best feature is that they do set themselves to the proper day and time automatically. Now, the clock in my car is about to be an hour off until next spring.

Please remember that the surplus of leaves that are now on the ground present a possible hazard when driving. Wet leaves are akin to an ice-covered road when trying to drive and especially stop. Slow down when you see the leafy litter and be prepared to pick your way through the piles of it.

I spoke with several baseball fans who, like myself, didn’t think much of the teams who were to play in the World Series. The Cardinals and the Rangers changed our minds in a hurry and by the fourth game, all the naysayers (including me) were glued to our televisions for each succeeding game. It was as good a World Series as most of us will ever witness.
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