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Fall has come to stay. While our weather hasn’t been wonderful at all times, there’s nothing to be done about storms as they wend their way up and down the East Coast. We haven’t set any records for major storms. They have passed close enough to mess things up without a major strike to the island. So far, that is. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for calm, sunny days in the near future.

School has begun and kids that have run free on beaches or at camp may be unaccustomed to looking both ways when crossing streets. Please take the time to do the looking for them. We have all observed plenty of drivers failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians throughout this past summer season. This is a dangerous practice and needs to end.

Reminding us that the fall season is upon us, I noticed that there were ads for Halloween candy at the Stop & Shop two weeks ago. Then I saw an ad online for Christmas shopping . . . early that is. We’re barely done with Labor Day. What’s next, Valentine’s Day roses in November?

Even without reading Lucy Leske’s column last week, there’s no question the “dry storm” affected many local plants. The damage doesn’t look as bad as what I recall from the storm years back. That could be due to my unpracticed eye for what is normal with plant life at this point of the year, and that I don’t pay as much attention to the land as to the water.

There’s a gentleman who lives at the corner on Main Street, right across from the Civil War monument. He has an unfortunate habit of piling any refuse from his yard and sidewalk on the side of his curb. After Irene, it was small branches, in a few weeks it will be dry leaves and in wintertime, snow is deposited there as well. This is littering.

I usually see merchants in town that sweep their sidewalk dirt into the street and have often decried this practice. I have noticed that Nantucket Pharmacy sweeps, then scoops up the dirt and throws it away as it ought to be. It takes less than a minute to finish the job correctly. I thank the pharmacy crew for their diligence. Little things mean a lot when it comes to the quality of life in a small town.

I finally got into Fusaro’s last week and was sorry to have waited so long to eat there. They feature great service and tremendous food. It’s more than reasonable (by our standards) and has a nice atmosphere. I’ll be back.

The out of Boston has a food critic by the name of James Cooper (not our Jim). He recently reviewed local bakeries and selected the Downyflake’s blueberry muffin as the island’s best. Biggest, least expensive and tastiest were his feelings.

I was saddened to read of the passing of Joel Brown. He was a great guy who always had something interesting to say. And I always listened. Not your usual banker.
David Goodman’s “Goodman’s Gam” appears weekly in this space and regularly in The Inquirer and Mirror.

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