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Every week new allegations about what has been going on at Nantucket Memorial Airport have come to light. This is akin to watching a traffic accident in slow motion that seems never-ending. One does have to wonder where all of this bad behavior will end.

The activities perpetrated by management have, and are going to, cost taxpayers quite a bit of money. Money wasted by not obtaining bids that are required by law, funds to pay for a forensic audit, an overpaid manager and a very expensive restaurant redo are a firm slap in the face to all Nantucketers.

Last week a builder told me that he had been involved with a “bid” on some work on airport property. When the bid was too high, they were told to bid on parts of the job in segments, so that each piece wouldn’t exceed the $25,000 limit. That’s a violation of Massachusetts General Laws. It would be too easy to throw all of the blame on Al Peterson, though he does deserve most of the credit.

The true bad guys here are the Airport Commission. The old five members either looked the other way, or assented to what Mr. Peterson was doing. To me, there’s little difference between the two. The airport commissioners weren’t doing their job, whether it was not noticing what was going on, or letting the airport manager run wild, while they looked on approvingly.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the last three airport commissioners that remain submitted their resignations? It’s time for them to admit they blew it and stand aside for new blood to straighten out a horrible mess they graced us with. Perhaps the Board of Selectmen could give them a swift kick in the rear end to help make up their minds.

I don’t know about others, but I’m still receiving phone calls and e-mails from friends asking if our power is back on. At least there’s still corn and fresh vegetables available from the farms. More wind from Irene would have blown most of the produce to the ground.

Last week’s “Looking Backward” from 1986 concerned the birth of then I&M assistant editor Steve Sheppard and his wife Karin’s son. Elsewhere in the same issue it was announced that Steve is the new Nantucket Elementary School music teacher. They couldn’t have made a better choice. Steve is a wonderful musician and an all-around great guy.

A week before Labor Day, people always start talking about what you should be doing, so as to jam a weeks worth of summer into the final week. For many of us, after Labor Day is the perfect time to do all of those activities that we were too busy to get around to. The swimming is beautiful, everything is green outside, there are parking spaces downtown and at the Stop & Shop. Restaurants and merchants are happy to see you enter their establishments and there are sales abounding in a number of stores around town.

The best part of this time of year is that most of the unreasonable visitors have picked up and left. I don’t think anyone living here misses that.

I’m a little worried about the Red Sox these days. They’re in a bit of a slump and while it’s more than likely they’ll make the playoffs, being the wild-card entry would put them at a severe disadvantage. Home-field advantage makes a huge difference in a short series.
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