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Last Friday as I was installing a bath shower, the woman who owned the house opened the door and asked me what I knew about the closure of streets because of the triathlon. I explained that it seemed a ridiculous time and place to shut down any roads, much less several main ones. She was livid about the entire thing. Basically, her house is just off Cliff Road, though she could have cut down toward Jetties Beach in a pinch.

No such luck, as the area was closed down as well. Her attitude was that she should have been warned about the closures. That morning, some friends had informed her of the upcoming problems. You would like to think that someone (perhaps the event sponsors) might have seen fit to post notices along the streets that weren’t going to be open to traffic. I realize that there were notices in the I&M. Over the years, many people don’t read it in a timely manner, or fail to look at every word written in here. Let’s hope the Board of Selectmen in the future sees fit to disallow these sorts of major disruptions during the summer months.

I remember when the idea of an enterprise account for the airport was first mentioned. It sounded like a pretty great idea. As the years rolled by, we began noticing that no funds ever were returned back to the town coffers. If the airport was breaking even or worse yet, losing money, I could understand it. That certainly isn’t the case here. It’s bad enough that the fund is making money hand over fist, but not good that their budgeting hasn’t been able to set aside money for unexpected occurrences. Now, we may need a Special Town Meeting to come up with money to cover for them temporarily.

Then, much ado was made about two new members of the Airport Commission who are “going to shake things up.” One of the two members got the boot (from the BOS) when he brought up some bad management practices years ago. With a second new member, maybe this “good old boys club” will get the message. That and the attorney general’s office may have more to say on this subject.

I knew there was something I forgot. No-bid contracts and cash bonuses to people for no apparent reason. Anyone who spoke up was slapped down and while I’m sure many working there liked the good wages, a few well-intentioned citizens saw taxpayer money being wasted. So they said something. Good for them.

While this summer hasn’t been as perfect as last summer, that’s no surprise. Last season was a once-every-decade beauty. This July is nice, but we seem to have had more precipitation than usual. August should be better.

Last Saturday it was clouding up, and then we heard thunder from a long distance. Checking the computer, it said we had a fast-moving thunderstorm coming our way. Fifteen minutes later, it got dark as night and within a couple of minutes the heavens opened up. Thirty minutes later and it was over. Another half-hour and the day was sunny and bright.

July is at an end. We have another few months of time to spend on the beach, cooking out in the yard and enjoying the many fresh vegetables that island farms and back yards provide. Blueberries are out and blackberries and beach plums are next. This is still the best place I know. Be well.
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