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The big news this week is that the 16th Nantucket Film Festival was a roaring success. Not that I went near the venues. I avoid crowds at this time of year. With each new festival, more people come forth to enjoy the films and the ambiance that accompanies the various discussions with actors, directors and comedians. For visitors to the island, restaurants and shops more than occupy any free time not spent watching flicks.

As I said, crowds are the last thing I seek out. I had three acquaintances, however, who repeated, almost verbatim, their enthusiasm for the films. “Buck” was a huge favorite, not to mention other cinematic selections. The Comedy Roundtable is another favorite, whether you’re a film buff or not. Last, but not least, people went home happy and Nantucket businesses had a very good week.

Another news story was the oxycodone bust. This is a drug that kills people when used illegally, which seems to be more abundant than for true medicinal purposes. The fact that it’s very expensive means that users are likely to fund their drug purchases by committing crimes. I congratulate the Nantucket Police Department on a job well done.

What did bother me was the way the police showed off the evidence. All that needed to be seen was the drugs, with a cash count. When I saw hundred-dollar bills, twenties, tens and then ones fanned out on a table, my reaction was, “Why wasn’t this guy’s pocket change out there as well?”

Now for the valet-parking project that was approved by our Board of Selectmen at its latest meeting. Another I&M columnist summed up his feeling (not in here). He said valet parking equals paid parking. That’s as concise and to the point a statement as I’ve yet to hear on the matter. I can’t wait to see what the tariff will be. There is one thing I’m certain of. Whatever the price is, few average citizens will be using the service.

I see Tom Scott has a new idea, by the name of The Nantucket Project. From what I’m able to gather, this sounds like a few heavyweights speaking to other heavyweights at the White Elephant. The fee to attend is well beyond what most Nantucketers could, or would, afford for a long weekend, given the talent on display. The price does include lodging, so maybe there would be a discount for on-islanders.

What I find most objectionable about this entire “weekend think tank” is that the second day of the conference is Oct. 1. I do understand that most of the suits at The Nantucket Project won’t be worrying about what spot in the harbor will hold the most scallops. Islanders will be thinking about that and the Nantucket Maritime Festival that takes place at Children’s Beach (right next to the White Elephant). The last two activities are for those who live here. Where will you be?

On a similar subject, Monday is when we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day. Before the fireworks display at Jetties Beach there will be a number of activities taking place downtown. One fine way to become personally independent is by reading. On Saturday, July 2 and Sunday, July 3 the Nantucket Atheneum will be conducting its annual used book sale. From 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., hardcover and paperback books of all types will be there for your perusal in the library garden.

As I’m wont to say when the Fourth comes around, summer is almost over. At the rate our summers have been going, let’s hope the weather is better than spring and early-summer days.

We have had some beautiful days, but they’ve been few and far between. And what’s been in between is often gray and humid. Keep smiling, it can only get better.
– David Goodman’s “Goodman’s Gam” appears weekly in this space and regularly in The Inquirer and Mirror

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