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Nantucket had a fairly low-key Memorial Day Weekend. There were plenty of visitors all about the island. Most of them rented bicycles and spent much of their time tooling around our streets and roads. My favorite was a gentleman pulling one of those trailers behind him. As I came upon him he was pulling onto the Cliff Road (incomplete) bike path. I hurried by, trying not to be near him as he avoided the telephone poles centered in the new asphalt.

I had a quick errand in town on Saturday morning. Worried that traffic and bodies would be in abundance, I was surprised they weren’t. Walking half a block down Main Street, I did see tourists with suitcases. No, they didn’t tote Louis Vuitton luggage, it would be too formal. Instead theirs had the imprint of Anheuser-Busch. Seeing this activity on Main Street looks incongruous to me. At least they hadn’t begun popping the tabs and imbibing at coffee break.

Our weather over the holiday weekend was anything but perfect. At least things were on the warm side and we had some sun, in between bouts of fog. I’m not sure if we hit 70 degrees so far, though it won’t be long. In Boston and New York the heat was turned up to full. They were in the 80s. I’d rather be on the cool side for now.

Now for some important town politics and it concerns all of us. Appointments to town committees and boards should have nothing to do with politics, but on Nantucket, what doesn’t? Want to be on the Airport Commission or the FinCom? Better be prepared to vote the “right” way, or you’ll not be reappointed for a second term. The right way is when your voting record pleases three members on the Board of Selectmen.

One would think that an appointment to one of these two groups would be handed to people who have knowledge of the subjects, are willing to rule on facts, not helping out others in the good old boy system. If you think that, you’d be very, very wrong. We don’t do that here. Annoy the BOS and your aspirations are, or will be, toast. I can’t wait to see who the lucky winners will be.

The wind turbine by the high school took quite a while to get up and running. Then the machine went to work and was looking good. Next thing you know, the blades were still for a week. It seems as if there were faulty parts that needed to be replaced and it’s early in the life of this mechanical generator. I recall being told that this turbine had the bugs worked out, unlike the one at Bartlett’s Farm.

Perhaps this wasn’t anywhere as drastic as the beheading of that turbine at the farm, but it is a wake-up call. Why are there problems with most of these machines? I am in favor of green energy, though not until it works more of the time than not. When I found out that the flaw that brought the high-school turbine to a halt involved vibrations to the machine, it was worrisome. Vibrations can cause damage and worse to mechanical parts, and that’s not a good thing.

The Dreamland folks got another two weeks to wrap up the exterior of the theater. I was hoping they wouldn’t, but I’m no novice to what goes on here. The golden rule is at work here. He, who has the gold, makes the rules. Get ready, there’s more where that came from.

I have to admit the idea of changing the name of the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority to something new seemed strange. They already had a good name, so why replace it? The new name “The Wave,” however, works very well indeed.
– David Goodman’s “Goodman’s Gam” appears weekly in this space and regularly in The Inquirer and Mirror

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  1. Elaine Wiley Says:

    As I prepare to leave Nantucket after being here over 50 years, I read your columns with interest. I loved your comment, “He who has the gold makes the rules”, because sadly it is so true. Also, sadly, I do not have all that gold!!

    There is no way that I want anyone who lives here or who visits here to feel uncomfortable, because I ‘really like people’, and I love Nantucket, and therefore, I want those who visit or live here to be happy.

    I admire David Worth’s article in the Inky this week. He does know what he is talking about, and why do the ‘tried and true’ have to be so ignored?? I don’t know. I agree with you on the green energy comments, and in closing, good wishes to you now and in the future!
    Elaine Wiley

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