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I had a short conversation with a purveyor of wine today. She’s a former resident of Nantucket and has always been up front with me. Her opinion of this year’s Wine Festival was that it went beautifully and was very crowded. This is one of the better events that bring visitors here. I put the Film Festival in the same category. I don’t feel the same way about some of our other commercial weekends.

The difference is that wine is the product of thousands of years of culture with vines, grapes, research and refining. It has a long and storied history. Today, not only are wines better (in general), but the progress with food and how the two relate to one another has reached new heights.

Denis Toner started this festival on a small scale and today it’s beyond a local affair. More and diverse vineyards show up each year. Most of the participants, both attendees and those people involved in making wine, spend a fair amount of change in stores, restaurants and lodging while here. I applaud Denis, Susan and the many others that worked their tails off to make this happen.

That is a good use of alcoholic beverages. Wait until this weekend, and you’ll see a fair amount of bad behavior downtown due to the overuse of alcohol. The “sailors” aren’t likely to be swilling fine wine. Most will be imbibing beer and shots. Stay away from town after dark and let the crazies take it out on each other.

On Monday I went through the area where the Dreamland work is taking place. On both occasions, there were traffic jams more worthy of August than mid-May. I was fortunate in each case to see the line of traffic in time to turn and head away from the mess. As I went around the block and looked in my rear-view mirror, the lines went from Easy Street, beginning around Still Dock on down Steamboat Wharf.

On a similar note, I noticed the utility companies are working by the new (sort of) bike-path extension on Cliff Road. By now, you might think that they’d finish up pavement around the catch basins. Then traffic cones hampering drivers on the north side of the road could be removed. Today this makes for hazardous traffic, especially when the vehicle on the opposite lane is a heavy construction vehicle.

I have no expectation of the utility poles being moved by this weekend. Is this a new Memorial Day version of Daffodil Day celebrating large, orange, plastic monuments? This entire fiasco is what we’ve come to expect on large road-construction projects here on the rock. Or is it on the rocks?

If I lived along Sheep Pond Road and egress to my home was threatened, I’d be contemplating a lawsuit against a selfish neighbor who trashed the beachfront for his own purposes. For all the money spent and damage done to the dunes and beach, this outlandish scheme merely postponed the inevitable work of the sea.

Next up, we have really wealthy Sconset people trying to save their views from Sankaty Bluff. This is wrong. Say hello to my little friend, Mother Nature.

Our weather that appeared to be improving has regressed for now. At least we missed some of the thunderstorms and downpours up and down the coast of late. Once our temperatures hit 70, summer will feel as if it’s on the way here. Maybe. Please.

The Boston Bruins’ hopes are high now that they have a 3-2 lead in their series with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Winning one more game would propel them to the Stanley Cup finals. My fingers are crossed.

The Red Sox have begun playing the way we knew they would. Too much talent couldn’t stay bottled up for long. Unless injuries abound as happened last season, the Boston nine should stay viable and have a berth in the postseason. They’re playing in the toughest division in baseball.

I hope you have wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. We deserve no less.
– David Goodman’s “Goodman’s Gam” appears weekly in this space and regularly in The Inquirer and Mirror.

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