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After last year’s perfect spring and summer, the weather gods have restored order to our universe. For the past few weeks temperatures have resided in the 50s and low 60s. We’re well into May and 70 has eluded us so far. Given the forecasts, attaining that mark could take until June to come true.

Then there’s precipitation. Wet, wet and wetter is also in the forecast. While we complain, it could be much worse. A good section of Middle America is flooding and it appears that things aren’t going to improve in the near future. There are an awful lot of yards I’ve noticed with close to a foot of unmown grass. Gardeners should appreciate the watery gift.

I had an interesting relationship with Wayne Holmes. I testified for him as an expert witness in one case. Then I testified against one of his clients in another action. Finally, I testified in a federal court case in which Wayne was suing someone who had passed away. As I was the executor for the estate, I became the defendant. His reputation was that he was tough, and he was. Isn’t that what you’re looking for when an attorney is needed? His presence around town and his letters to the I&M will be missed.

Now that we have sewage discs (courtesy of New Hampshire) coming up on our shores, I’m waiting to see the first art consisting of plastic refuse. I have a feeling that some is likely to show up on Hummock Pond Road, along with the Take It or Leave It collection.

Cape Cod Five isn’t trying to slip in here under the radar. They’ve made it clear that Nantucket is an important community to them and they are in it for the long run. Putting Phil Stambaugh in as head honcho, along with Quint Waters, the bank has managed to pick a couple of mainstays from Nantucket Bank. Adding a main office at Zero Main Street certainly won’t hurt their visibility.

I don’t play golf and have always maintained that golf courses and cemeteries are a waste of good land. I know many people who are golf addicts. They deserve a place to play, and unless you have a six- or seven-figure income, Miacomet Golf Club is affordable compared to the rarified air in other island clubs.

I’ve heard talk on both sides of the idea of a new clubhouse for Miacomet. All I’m concerned with is, will it be solvent? The Land Bank owns the property, which means we all do. As long as this isn’t wasted money, I have no problem with this. Should a deficit come out of the Land Bank coffers, that would not be in our best interest.

I wonder when Nantucket will witness our first seal meal for a great white shark. They’ve probably taken place, but weren’t seen. Great whites rarely feed in shallow water, unless there is plenty of food in abundance, the sun is down, or both. Over the past decade, our gray seal and harbor seal populations are up 10-fold. The pinnipeds are everywhere, although Great Point and Muskeget Island have colonies that are enormous.

The gray seals are a problem for fishermen, as they have learned to grab hooked fish from angler’s lines. In many cases, the seals have chased fish onto the beach as they were being landed. Aside from the waste of fish, many anglers have stopped or at least slowed down their fishing activity. No one wants to lose fish and tackle to the seals. It’s likely that a human is going to tangle with a seal. Perhaps that or an attack by a shark will alert the general public to our seal problem.
– David Goodman’s “Goodman’s Gam” appears weekly in this spot and regularly in The Inquirer and Mirror.

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