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Not so long ago on the second-floor courtroom of the Town & County Building, our Board of Selectmen voted to hold their Wednesday meetings at the auditorium in our new police station. The idea was to try it over the summer season and see how they liked the new premises. They liked it so much that by a 4-1 vote we will no longer have BOS meetings downtown.

This is a case where it would be interesting to see how the citizens feel about the BOS decision. The table and chairs might be more comfortable on Fairgrounds Road, but moving our seat of town government away from the heart of Nantucket smacks of “Let the voters eat cake.” This is the usual scenario around here. The BOS makes policy that few people like but are so apathetic they’ll complain to others, though not to the board itself.

Not that long ago, our weather was beginning to look better. Spring appeared to be breaking through the windy, cloudy, cool skies. When we were away last week, people in New York and in Boston complained about their windy, cloudy, cool skies. I felt as if I could have remained home and received an accurate weather report for the northeast states. The storm we experienced early this week is unlikely to affect our friends on the mainland. This backed up to us from offshore.

I never forget that May and June are often our wettest months. One June we had rain 11 out of the first 15 days. Prepare yourself for the upcoming mud season, especially if you live or visit places on dirt roads. I’m certain there are roads that are worse, but Millbrook Road has puddles that could swallow a small vehicle.

In a recent column I spoke to the bad pavement on Lower Orange Street in the vicinity of Cumberland Farms and Henry Jr. Some minor patching was effected and the area was somewhat better. Now there seems to be more going on along that stretch as there are a couple of huge steel plates along the north side of the street. Will they still be there by Memorial Day?

Speaking of the advent of our summer season . . . I see that the Dreamland folks are back asking for an extension to continue exterior work, beyond the Ides of June deadline. Wasn’t this already decided a while back? I have to wonder who, or what they think will give them more time than they are entitled to.

I can’t wait until the Dreamland is completed, although the current behavior we’re seeing from management worries me. If I expect anything from this group, it’s adherence to a set deadline by the town. Forget about that, how about giving Nantucketers and our visitors a rest from the construction mess downtown? Good neighbors think about those around them. I’m not feeling the love right about now.

In the past five days, I’ve observed two bike riders using the “closed” Cliff Road bike-path extension. The only places where entry is blocked are at each end of the extension. Any rider may easily enter the path at any of the many driveways along there. Perhaps the construction company should put up barricades at each driveway. That would eliminate the likelihood of lawsuits, something that this town is all too good at.

I tried dinner at 12 Degrees East last week and was pleased that the food is very good and prices are more than reasonable. Service was fine and the eatery continues to be low-key and friendly.

Mark-Et is another new spot that’s worth trying. Located where Daily Breads used to reside, I’ve sampled some baked goods and came away more than pleased. There are more items I am going to sample in the next few days.

As always, I welcome your feedback. My telephone number is (508) 228-4325, e-mail me at and my mailing address is P.O. Box 1263, Nantucket, MA 02554. If you’d like to insult me, please try and be original. I’m easily bored.
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