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Having had to careen off of a dozen other shoppers in the produce aisles at the Stop and Shop, I have no doubt that this area is going to be a total mess come summer. Some of the problems are due to shoppers not knowing where items are and having to go back and forth to find them. Combine that with shoppers entering the store and facing a log jam. Year round dwellers should adapt in a few weeks. Summer visitors are unlikely to suss this out before Labor Day.

Over the past couple of years some words have come to the fore. Here are the ones I’d like to see less, or none of. Iteration has become synonymous (to me) with the Board of Selectmen and others inhabiting the Town Building. There’s nothing wrong with the word, but enough is enough. A word most of us never heard of five years ago is now ready for a long vacation.
In the food world there are two terms that are completely obnoxious. Delish and yummy don’t cut it. I see and hear them used online and on television food shows. These are words that need only be used by adults when speaking to young children or their pets. Even then, please don’t use them when there are witnesses around.

On Friday as I walked through town it was clear to see that spring business is in full swing. Many of our restaurants have reopened as have several new eateries. Merchants are in the process of getting their stores set up for Daffodil Day and a few have opened their doors. Next weekend is the beginning of the summer season. From now until the Stroll, Nantucket is in play.

If you think about it, both Daffodil Day and The Stroll aren’t all that different. They began as low key, locals only events and now have been hyped into cash cows by the Chamber of Commerce and others who like as many parties and social milieus as possible.

I remember a day in the early 1970s, driving out the Milestone Road and seeing a half mile of overturned shovels full of earth. That afternoon, the holes were filled up. The following day, the next half mile was unearthed and again things were back to normal on my way home. Ed “Foxface” Scott was planting daffodils for his sister Cheryl, who at that time was the Siasconset postmistress. Cheryl had contracted the job from Mrs. MacAusland.

Prior to that planting, there were daffodils on island, but nothing like we see today. In addition to the roadside plantings, it seems as if every homeowner has jumped on the bandwagon. Aside from the attractive bulbs, these are one of the few plants or flowers that deer won’t chow down on. On Nantucket, that’s a huge plus. A couple of years after the initial planting, I got to know Ed. Eventually we worked together for years and I was saddened when he passed away a few years back.

The BOS is looking for citizens to apply for Town Committee positions. These are dependant on the Board voting on each member. I’d love to tell you this is a democratic exercise, though judging from past situations often it is a predetermined thing, depending on how obedient the BOS thinks you’re likely to be. If you turn out to be independent, a second term is not going to happen. I usually refer to this as micro managing, a job the BOS excels at.

I’ll be away next week, so when I return, it should be green and hopefully warm by then. Last year at this time New York was very warm. Several days the temperatures were up in the low eighties. Returning home the sixties were what I faced. Over the entire summer, I’m not sure our temperatures got above the low eighties, even in August. Last summer brought with it beautiful weather, so this isn’t a knock. If we get another year like that it would be beyond perfect.

The Celtics beat up on the New York Knicks in their first round of the NBA Playoffs and the Bruins are ahead of Montreal in the first round of the Stanley Cup. The Red Sox have now started to play like we knew they would. We have little to complain about.
– David Goodman’s “Goodman’s Gam” appears weekly in this space and regularly in The Inquirer and Mirror

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