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March on Nantucket is often referred to as “Hate Month,” but I’m convinced that August has far more enmity than the third month of the year. I remember how the term came about. Rather than go into great depth, I prefer to characterize the entire scenario as three real-estate people trying to dump on each other. To me, that’s a good thing.

When Boston Magazine featured the story, it took off and became legend, not just on-island, but in circles near and far. I follow an online forum (that deals with organ transplants) and have replied to comments from a woman in California and another in Florida about “Hate Month.” That, and Nantucket limericks, seem to be why many folks know about our peaceful slip of sand.

Don’t forget to set your clocks and other timekeeping devices ahead an hour on Saturday before you go to sleep. Spring isn’t here, though most of us will enjoy more light each evening with this change.

Last Saturday the NHA held its second annual History Quiz Bowl at the Whaling Museum. Once again, everyone appeared to have lots of laughs while learning Nantucket history. Nat Philbrick is the perfect host for the evening. He’s very funny, knows the answers and is quick on his feet. The ambience of the Whaling Museum and fellow islanders made it a perfect off-season activity.

Nantucket Airport news is hardly happy these days. Well, maybe not so unhappy if you were the recipient of a hefty bonus for working there. Then, we have an employee who was grounded for kidding about that very subject. This was a case where it would have been wiser for the higher-ups to ignore a jest, rather than have it aired publicly.

I’m happy the Nantucket Airport is more solvent than most any other part of town government. I’m unhappy that some of the behavior there is cavalier, to say the least. Just because they’re making a profit doesn’t mean that any excess should be withheld from town coffers. Our airport is looking great and they fulfill needs beyond many other small airstrips. If they would face the fact that we (citizens) are the true owners, and would like the facts and figures to their fiscal state, all would be well.

Now for a town department that was far ahead of its time, led by a man we relied on, that always came through for us. Jeff Willett guided Nantucket’s Department of Public Works into this century, while being a good listener and an even better doer. He was a good man, and an outstanding fly-fisherman. We are less for having lost his leadership.

Thanks to an alert reader, I was informed that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles no longer sends out license-renewal notices. That is, unless you notify them to do so. Go online here. There are a number of options as to how you may receive a notice from the RMV.

While winter weather has barely laid a glove on us, we have a month to go before the worst is over. Unlike most of the mainland, snow, rain and freezing conditions have made but brief appearances on-island. Nantucket is a windy spot in the Atlantic, but this year has been beyond the norm. It feels as if we have a weekly blow of 30 to 50 miles an hour.

This morning I listened to Vern Laux and he was asked when certain birds would be showing up around here. Red-winged blackbirds were one species mentioned. A half-hour later, a red-winged blackbird landed on our bird-feeder, which hangs on a pussy willow that’s rife with fat buds. The entire tableau is worthy of a greeting card.

Rick and Kim Morcom moved from Nantucket to New Zealand a couple of decades back. As soon as I heard about the horrific earthquake there, I e-mailed them to see how they were. Several days later they replied to my electronic missive. They do much of their shopping in Christchurch, though they live far enough away that they barely felt a tremor. That said, the damage to Christchurch was frightening and affected many of their friends and acquaintances. I was pleased to know they are all right.

I hope you have taken a look at the 2011 Annual Town Meeting Warrant. Attending the meeting is always important, but this year it is particularly so. Articles often sound innocuous, but repercussions from them could make your life more than miserable. Study the warrant and take notes. If you have questions, find out the answers ahead of time.

As a citizen, we all need to be involved in what happens, beginning April 4 in the Nantucket High School auditorium. This is your island and your life. Don’t let special interests make the decisions for you. If you aren’t there, your vote won’t count.
– David Goodman’s “Goodman’s Gam” appears regularly in this space and periodically in The Inquirer and Mirror

2 Responses to “Goodman’s Gam”

  1. Kevin Dale Says:

    Dave, It’s always good to hear your rant about Hate Month but I agree with you, it’s not March, it’s August. Let’s give a shout out to our pal, Shep, who has been in the hospital recuperating from a burst appendix and pneumonia. He is now home and building himself back up. The Sox are looking pretty good but I have some qualms about Beckett and Pap.
    I like Bobby DaCosta and Mike Glowacki in the Selectmen’s race and want you to read Townie by Andre Dubose III. Great book and lots of gritty stuff about growing up poor and tough in Haverill. Keep swinging but don’t get caught.
    Cheers, Kevin

  2. David Says:

    Thanks for letting me know about Shep. I’m happy to hear he’s home and recuperating. Another 6 weeks and the bass will be here. Say hello to Rick for me.

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