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Moderate weather condi tions are continuing to favor Nantucket this winter, although most of February and all of March could have sur prises in store, and I’ve seen snow in April (twice). Not that I’d mind six to 12 inches of fluffy snow to fall, and then melt in a few days. Our school-kids are far ahead of their mainland brethren when it comes to making up snow days. There are likely to be schools in America that will be in session until July.

I was driving out toward the airport this morning, noticing how much traffic there was on Old South Road. Most roads are less traveled at present. The plethora of vehicles brought back the mem ory of the first time I set foot on-is land. It was Feb. 19, 1971, 40 years ago. I landed at the old airport on an Air New England Twin Otter.

Collecting my bag, I hailed a taxi (Mr. Glidden) and was amazed on the ride into town.There wasn’t a single car to be seen from the air port until we went through the Ro tary. From there to 5 Liberty St. (owned by the Flanagans, now oc­cupied by Town Clerk Catherine Flanagan Stover and her family) I spied another half dozen cars. I im mediately thought this was the right place to live.

Nantucket has changed in many ways, but to me, this is the best place I’ve been.As frustrating as our small sandbar may be at times, when I visit the mainland, it seems harder and tougher than here. I don’t need ID to pay by check at local establishments, and other than a couple of summer months, there are few lines, both in stores and in traffic.We’ve got it easy and easy is good.

For all of the complaints people direct at the Stop & Shop, I’d like to say that the people working there are our neighbors and friends. The employees are cheer ful and helpful and I for one am appreciative. Their (relatively) new half-sized shopping carts are life-savers. The exterior is cleaner than it used to be. Now, if we only paid the same prices as they do in Hyannis . . .

There are few things more wel come than a loaf of Portuguese bread. Something Natural has a great loaf, as does the Nantucket Bake Shop. Then I discovered the SN herb bread and later their Challah. Now I’ve been picking up a loaf of their raisin bread every week. Not too sweet and once toasted, it’s heaven. Then there’s the new kid on the block, Petticoat Row Bakery. Aren’t we lucky to have three outstanding bakeries?

Another month, another armed robbery. How refreshing to see an alleged drug dealer calling in the authorities when he’s ripped off by his alleged customers. It reminds me of a woman who traded sex for cash, outside a local bar, back in the 1970s.The gentleman involved decided not to pay. She spoke to a cop, who told her he’d be glad to ar rest the man for larceny, and then charge her for prostitution.At that point, she thought better of bring ing charges. I believe that’s known as an unhappy ending.

Last week when Mike Sturgis caught me outside of Marine Lum ber to tell me hewas going to take over the Jared Coffin House’s main dining room and the patio, I was ecstatic. This is long past due. I knowthis is goingtobeaboon for downtown.

The unfortunate part of this is that it appears that the Tap Room is going to lie fallow for the time being. I remember when the Tap Room was the site for Wednesday night après Selectmen meetings. That’s when the board members sat down with their beverages and planned the agenda for the follow ing week’s meeting.

You may remember that Rhoda Weinman had two of her dogs shown at last year’s West minster Dog Show.This is the aim of any breeder, or dog owner, so you have to give Rhoda (and her dachshunds) kudos. Now Ms. Weinman has upped the ante and all three of her dogs are going for the gold in this year’s Westminster. This is unheard of and is beyond any dog owner’s wildest dreams. Good luck next week!

The Westminster is aired on Monday evening (Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14), from 8-9 p.m. on the USA Network (Comcast channel 35) and then continues on CNBC (channel 46) from 9-11 p.m. On Tuesday the entire show is on USA, from 8-11 p.m. If you love dogs, and around here, that’s most of us, here’s a chance to watch the best of the best.

Next Monday, Red Sox pitchers and catchers show up for spring training. Sox fans are revved up about the coming season, as well they ought to be. This promises to be a tremendous year.
– Goodman’s Gam appears regularly in this space and periodically in The Inquirer and Mirror

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