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There was a pretty spectacular sunrise over the waterfront this past Friday. I was able to grab a few shots of it before I headed out scalloping for the day. It was a cold morning. I had to wait until 8:15 before I could head to the grounds. We usually start fishing at 6:30am. Town law prohibits us from starting any earlier. And the air temperature must be 28 degrees before anyone is allowed to fish. Salt water freezes at 28 degrees and the thinking is that if we were allowed to fish in temperatures less than 28 degrees, we would run the risk of the seed scallops we haul up in our dredges freezing and dying before they are returned to the water. When me the guys have to wait for the temperature to make it to 28, We usually pick a spot and raft our scallop boats up and talk about how bad scalloping has become. It’s the same discussion every year. The Marine Department flies a red flag at the Town Pier. We choose a spot in view of the flag to raft up and have a gam. When the flag is dropped, we all charge out to the scallop grounds at full throttle.
– Martie Mack writes the Nantucket Waterfront News blog

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  1. David Says:

    Martie is on the cover of “National Fisherman,” for the February edition. Mark Merchant wrote the accompanying article, “Nantucket Nectar.” Great article about the decline of a traditional Nantucket industry/tradition.

  2. Martie Says:

    Thanks, David. Nobody on Nantucket carries National Fisherman. I guess you will have to subscribe to it to read the article and see the pictures.

  3. David Says:

    The Atheneum has a copy, and it can be read online.

  4. Martie Says:

    I don’t think the whole article is posted on-line. Only a small excerpt.

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