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I was able to get several shots this past weekend of a calm waterfront. Very rare for this time of the year. We usually experience daily ever-living gales during the winters here. We are finally getting some cold weather after about seven years of mild winters. This morning, it was 5 degrees. The cold will be short-lived, though. In a couple days it is forecasted to be in the 40s with rain. We still have not had any snow this winter. Well, we had one snowfall of about six inches, but that is the only time it has snowed here. The rest of America is getting snowstorm after snowstorm. We completely miss the storms or it changes to a warm rain. Here are a few pictures I grabbed while I was lurking around the waterfront this past weekend.
– Martie Mack writes the Nantucket Waterfront News blog

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  1. chris vander wolk Says:

    “Soon it will be time to begin thinking about Town Meeting.”
    You go ahead and think about it. Have a fine onanstic time. Uberfrau Gibson doesn’t give much weight to the wants and desires of the atm minions, anyway.

    § 46-4 Acquisition of land for Town offices. Art. 77, approved 8-5-1997 There was a good use of time!
    “The request, submitted to the board by town manager Libby Gibson, will facilitate the consolidation of permitting agencies under one roof, and is a move that will allow the town to consider the renovation of the 37 Washington Street building with the goal of eventually moving all of the town departments back into the downtown area. …
    In any case, Gibson said the move is temporary, meaning tonight’s vote it is not covered by the town bylaw.”
    “In any case” from her consideration of the inapplicability of the town bylaw based on the move being “temporary” one can infer that she, in fact, believes 37 Washington St to be in the “core area” affected by the town bylaw.
    So, her plan is to renovate 37 Washington St “with the goal of eventually moving all of the town departments back into the downtown area” even though 37 Washington St isn’t ‘really’ in the downtown area AND the BOS wants to sell 37 Washington St (Art 94)?
    Remember when the Town could have bought the Seagrill building for <$1M? Remember the “tumbleweeds rolling up Main St” line if the building dept moved there?

    §125-3 Biodegradable Packaging. Art. 2, approved 3-14-1990
    How's that one working out?

    §102 Outdoor Lighting Art. 52, approved 10-18-2005
    Has Marcus ever enforced this one?

    My favorite episode was the ballot on which the police station appropriation was approved. It passed by 50 votes. 58 voters didn’t even find the question (1” x 1” box, lower right-hand corner). Who designed that one?

    At least all over-rides have to go to the ballot.

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