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So, how many of you have already broken your New Year’s resolutions? I don’t believe in them, so there’s nothing for me to break. Even if I did, why feel bad about it? People do what they’re going to and adding the burden of not keeping a promise to one’s self is simply more angst that is undeserved.

January is normally a quiet time around the island. The beginning of 2011 has been anything but that. Last year we had an attempted bank robbery and now, there was a gas-station holdup. Neither of the larcenous actions appeared to be well thought out in terms of the amount of cash taken. Both appeared to be spur-of-the-moment decisions made by people that were desperate.

I’ve heard people ask if these rip-offs are a sign of the future. This country is suffering and many of our citizens are destitute and in need of help. Having substance-abuse problems exacerbates aberrant behaviors, not to mention the many people with psychological disorders that are no longer being hospitalized and are living on the streets.

On Nantucket, we see very little of this, partly because we’re not an urban society and cities tend to accumulate the lost denizens of this world. Take a trip to places such as Boston or New York and it’s impossible to miss how many of our brothers and sisters are hurting and there’s little being done to help them.

As a matter of fact, travel to Hyannis and you’ll be surprised how many people are on the street. To answer the question of “Will there be more robberies like this?” I say it’s possible we’ll see some, but not many. This windy, sandy pile in the Atlantic is a northern version of Disney World. When reality strikes here, it’s always a shocker.

Speaking of homeless folks, Joe Dooley and his dogs are now at loose ends. I feel bad for him, but not for the position he put the Coast Guard and town in. Miss China was an accident that kept almost happening. Finally, drifting up onto Brant Point was the final straw. Had the derelict sunk in the channel, Nantucket could have lost the ability to receive oil, gas, food and other vital materials for days or possibility weeks.

For the present, Miss China is out of harm’s way and is scheduled to be transported to New Bedford and from there dismantled. I have to wonder who’s going to foot the bill for this long-standing tragedy. I admire people who live life on their own terms. Once this messes with the general population, however, it no longer is about that single individual.

Nantucket Gourmet has been sold and will continue to exist as it has for the time being. I have yet to meet the new owners and hope it stays substantially the same as before.

Tom Fusaro is going to be opening up a restaurant on Old South Road come this spring. Located where El Rincon Salvadoreno used to be, Tom’s menu is going to be Italian at heart.

Then there’s the new restaurant (Mediterranean-themed from what I gather) that’s going to take the place of Sfoglia. I’ll miss Ron and Colleen’s incredible food (the best bread ever), but with any good fortune, this new spot will fill that void.

I was pleased to see that the town Roads and Right of Way Committee has gone ahead and filed a report advocating a refurbished Sconset Bluff Walk. Nantucket has relinquished our rights to too many public-access points all ready. There used to be almost a dozen on Hulbert Avenue alone.

The Sconset Bluff Walk has been nicely maintained and easy to use, with a view that is unsurpassed. Let’s hope that those walking the path never need to hike over man-made steel, rocks and sand dumped from above.

According to some forecasts, we should have seasonable winter temperatures over the next week or so. Being January, 20s and 30s are in our foreseeable future. If we don’t have too much wind or precipitation, a stretch of cooler weather doesn’t faze me in the least. Be well.
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