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The Miss China broke free from her mooring Sunday night during the storm and drifted onto the beach at Brant Point where she will stay until a salvage crew is arranged to tow her off. Photos here. I&M story here.

– Martie Mack writes the Nantucket Waterfront News blog

4 Responses to “Waterfront News”

  1. David Says:

    Miss China needs to be towed out to deep water and sunk. It would create great structure for fishermen. As always, nice pictures.

  2. Martie Says:

    Thanks, David. Towing the Miss China out to sea and sinking her is not an option. She is constructed of wood and would break apart eventually after sinking causing a hazard to navigation.

  3. Deb Says:

    I wish someone would take his dogs. Sounds like some of them tried to escape once before, risking the cold sea rather than stay with him on board that boat.

  4. Martie Says:

    The wreck is in the south slip of Steamboat Wharf now being ready to be towed to New Bedford where she will be destroyed.

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