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While scalloping way up-harbor the other day, I caught a lobster in one of my dredges. I caught lobsters while scalloping around the West Jetty before but never have I caught one up-harbor. And years ago I remember catching big starfish in my dredges all along Hulbert Avenue and the West Jetty. Sometimes I would catch more starfish than scallops. I wonder what happened to all the starfish. I guess if there are no scallops for the starfish to eat, they will move out of the area. Check out the photos here.

There has been some activity around the waterfront lately. A new walkway has been installed between the Angler’s Club and Commercial Wharf. I’m not sure who is doing the work. Usually it has always been AGM Marine but I don’t see them or their familiar barge and crane doing the work this time. The new walkway is a nice addition to the waterfront. I tested it out yesterday. Check out the photos here.
– Martie Mack writes the Nantucket Waterfront News blog

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