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This is it. Thanksgiving is the beginning of a month of eating and drinking too much, (mostly) unhealthy food and beverages. Next up is Stroll Weekend, with dinner parties. After that there are Christmas parties, ending in the greatest eating festival of the year, December 25th. New Year’s Eve is merely a cherry on the top of our early winter eating binge. Not that I’m complaining…

I noticed a couple of changes that have taken place in the past year, concerning the late fall/winter dining scene here. Several restaurants are now emphasizing gourmet Thanksgiving dinners. I don’t remember as many eateries providing this service before. The food will be superior to what many mothers and grandmothers could prepare.

The other changes are restaurants remaining open, or reopening for the Stroll Weekend. Several top end spots closed weeks ago and won’t be open again until the spring. In the past, they would open, with a partial crew and then pick up other help for the weekend. Service was often late and uncoordinated at best.

It appears that the fall sports season for our schools is over. On Monday afternoon, I drove by the High School. Students were out behind the windmill, which was steadily spinning in the breeze. Does this mean that it’s safe for kids to be playing under the blades when sports aren’t in season, but not, when they are?

I signed up for alerts from Google a couple of years back. Most of the time the word Nantucket shows up on the web, I receive notice of it and a link to click on if I desire to read it. All too many of the notices are for places that someone deigned to name after this island. Then, Nantucket is now used to sell home goods and furniture. Nantucket Style is another name used by quite a few designers and off island women, most of who have never been here.

Don’t forget to go down to Children’s Beach by 10 am tomorrow to watch people do the Cold Turkey Plunge. One of the best parts of the morning is seeing faces that are now out and about, after hibernating over the summer months. And, there will be summer faces who have come down for the holiday weekend.

Next, we have shotgun season for deer, beginning on Monday morning. This is a good time to curtail walking outside. Most hunters are responsible people, but all it takes is a single idiot to do deadly damage. Over the years, we have all seen the results of bad hunters.

Back in the seventies, Saturday, around noon, the deer season ended for off island hunters. You’d see them hanging out around Main Street, many with deer mounted on their vehicles, waiting until the boat was ready to be loaded. One year, a couple of guys (Cisco was one), decided to perform a little street drama. They had a VW convertible, with the driver dressed as a deer and a hunter slung over the back of the car. Needless to say, all but the visiting hunters loved the show.

I miss those activities today. This sort of fun is gone, due to a lack of characters here today. At least we may look forward to watching never ending fur coats traipsing through town next week.

Have a great Thanksgiving!
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  1. AckBoater Says:

    Nobody looks forward to the Fur Coat Stroll.

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