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The wind generator located behind Nantucket High School has turned into a farce, rather than a green-energy producer for the school. I won’t say it isn’t educational, but is the lesson for the students how a bad public-relations job has made the entire project look like the Three Stooges organized this fiasco.

Originally, the generator was going to be placed well away from the school building, down by a cemetery. Then someone bollixed that up (and I don’t mean the HDC) and the tower was put next to the school, a bad idea for any number of reasons.

The wind (non) generator sat listless for weeks and this community was left in the dark with no solid explanation from . . . well, who is in charge of this mess. Finally, we began to see the blades turning, occasionally, very occasionally. Then, for a few days it appeared as if the turbine was up and running. Now we’re told that the generator won’t run when school is in session. At least until the sports season is over.

They’re telling us that the machine is safe and there’s nothing to worry about. I don’t know about you, but not running the generator when kids are in the vicinity, or if there’s the possibility of ice being thrown from the blades, doesn’t make me feel safe, or the kid’s chances to escape becoming shish-kabob. Either it’s safe, or it isn’t. Run it 24/7 if things really are fine. If not, move it, or shut it down. I like green energy, but only in the proper place.

Thanksgiving takes place a week from today. I’ve always loved the holiday, not just because of the surfeit of food. Almost every American celebrates Thanksgiving, no matter their religious persuasion or race. Native Americans were in on the first party and there aren’t any bad things that came from that dinner. Give me roast turkey, stuffing, gravy and I’m good for the better part of a week in a Thanksgiving coma.

Another feature of next Thursday is the Cold Turkey Plunge. I’m never averse to watching perfectly sane people run into cold water for a good cause. When I leave the aftermath at Children’s Beach (sans goosebumps), I feel good and ready to go home, stuff my face, then lie around feeling delightfully lazy.

You may or may not have noticed something missing on Main Street. Almost all of the utility poles between Pacific National Bank and Pleasant Street have been removed and the wires buried. Now any existing downtown poles need to be replaced to complete the beautification.

I noticed that the DPW was setting out Christmas trees in the core district on Tuesday. This year, the bushes, (and they are that diminutive), should be much easier for school kids to decorate. To my mind, smaller trees are a good idea. Even small trees are expensive. Having them in all of the usual spots is nice to see. As long as the larger trees at each end of Main Street are impressive, all is well.

Once again, I’m looking for downtown businesses to volunteer window space for Nantucket Elementary School students to display they’re artwork. For the past few years we’ve managed to get all 600-plus students’ work posted in different locations. Mitchell’s Book Corner was the first when they underwent renovations. The Town and County Building is another favorite spot to hang the kids’ art. Town employees have told me they appreciate seeing more color in the hallways.

Here’s one more good thing to say about Thanksgiving this year. The Patriots will be playing the Detroit Lions shortly after noon that day. This could impact dinner time in some households. Either eat early, or wait until the game ends in mid-afternoon. Life can be so demanding at times.

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  1. AckBoater Says:

    That’s too bad about the new windmill at the school not being used. Interesting how every single windmill built on the island has failed except for one. The one on Prospect Street.

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