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I want my Indian Summer. It feels as if fall jumped in too early. But then, we had such a sensational summer, there was no way that our current season could rise to that standard. We never seem to get two seasons in a row, both of them memorable, in a good way.

I’ve meant to put this in the column for three weeks now. When I went in to the Shellfish Department to buy a current family shellfish license, I asked Liz if they still cost $25. She answered yes, unless I was 60. Well, I crept across that landmark back in March. Not only did I receive a white, lifetime license, it was free. Other than turning 21, this is the only good thing related to age that has come my way.

Following up on that subject, I finally got out with my rake this week. The take wasn’t great, but there were enough for a dinner. Whatever problems the fishery has had with quantity didn’t affect the quality of the delicate morsels consumed that evening.

Nobody has come up and answered the question of why a parking garage in town is wanted, or needed. We, as a town, voted not to have one several years ago. Not only did we vote it down, the vote was two to one. Yet our town planners and some selectmen are staying with the idea of wasting our money for an idea we crushed when first proposed to us.

If a parking garage was built, we would need to have paid parking in town for it to work. Why would anyone pay to park in a garage if town parking was free? That would mean that all parking in town would cost us. I have to wonder how badly this would hurt (if not kill) businesses in the downtown area?

It would certainly stop me from coming into town, unless it was critical. To do away with a post office box I’ve had for over 35 years would hurt, but if I had to pay to pick up my mail, it would have to go. That and my pharmacy would change as well. Parking in town has always been a hassle. It won’t improve if we have to pay for it. Maybe it’ll be easier to find a space, but most people I’ve spoken with would be reticent to pay.

The wind turbine up by the high school doesn’t seem to be up and working. It’s easy to understand why. Should that machine fail, having seen the fiasco out by Bartlett’s Farm two decades ago and the more recent failure at Bartlett’s Farm, it could set this type of energy (on-island) back another decade. I desperately want to see alternative energy, where it’s put is the big question. The further away from people, the better most of us will feel.

Halloween is rapidly approaching. Of course with the way marketing is done these days, the Stop & Shop has had mini candy bars and candy corn out on the shelves for three or four weeks. Since Halloween falls on Sunday this year, Monday should see an awful lot of kids showing up in school with a sugar hangover.

Last Saturday, the place to be was the Nantucket Scallopers Ball. An event which consisted (mainly) of local folks was perfect as far as music, food and friends. Ecliff and the Swingdogs provided the tunes and really got partiers going. There was a raw bar that was going nonstop all evening, with long lines at all times. Other comestibles included a couple of different scallop dishes and wonderful appetizers. All in all, it was a very good night, for us.
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