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Haven’t we had quite the weather shifts recently? Hot, then cool, cold, windy with torrential rain, and now it’s going to be hot once again. As long as the trees and their attendant branches and leaves aren’t adorning my car, I’m happy. I’ll settle for another month of summer.

Things look promising. One bonus that came with the rains were increased sales for local merchants. They need some good news. The past few years have been tough on them.
Boats not running made for a delayed exodus earlier this week. Look around and it’s obvious that there are fewer folks on hand. The day after Labor Day is when we will see just how many have departed for work and school on the mainland. I’ve never understood how the town clears out in a couple of days. We see it today and there’s no discernible difference from 35 years ago.

I was delighted to see that Bob Matthews has had a $2 million judgment he’s supposed to pay. Hasn’t he gotten away with too much already? It will be interesting if the three aggrieved contractors ever collect their money. I’m betting that buying a lottery ticket would be more likely to yield the money owed to them.

If you’ve ever dropped off debris at the C & D building at the Dump, you know why the massive fire there last week burned so intensely. I have yet to see anyone inspecting what’s being thrown in the maw of that building. Full cans of paint, MAPP and propane-gas canisters were littering the floor there a couple of months back.

The rest of the “green” facility is better than one would expect, but how we were picked as a recycling model for other communities astounds me. If this in one of the best, then I’d be afraid to see one that’s average, much less the worst of the bunch. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for what we have. The place just looks nasty, and with the out of control fire – is. Our firefighters did a heroic job putting out the blaze.

I’m getting a kick out of the antics of our (alleged) Nantucket bank robber. Pamela Morgan, in her own off-the-wall way is much more fun than those masked men with guns. Not our girl Pam. No mask or gun for her. Also, no getaway plan in place. Talk about guts. She’s one tough mama.
To be serious, I was shocked to read that she was judged to be sane enough for trial. Why don’t they give her what she’s seeking? The term is “three hots and a cot.” Pamela wishes to be locked up and make license plates, or whatever it is prisoners do these days. Perhaps she could give penmanship lessons, seeing how well she communicated her thoughts to a bank-teller.

I was pleased to see that the small cluster of missing cobblestones in front of DeMarco has been repaired. That stretch of Petticoat Row/India Street seems to fall apart every few years. Tree roots under there can’t be helping the situation.

Channel 17 has a new presence on the web. Go to and you will see great interviews and other Nantucket scenes. What wowed me was how clear the transmission was and it didn’t have that herky-jerky look often seen on online broadcasts.

While walking through the Farmers’ Market on Cambridge Street a couple of weeks ago, I spotted the work of a favorite artist on display. David Lazarus had woodcuts, drawings and small watercolors. I’m not able to afford David’s work seen in galleries, but these pieces had every bit as much painting expertise, at a fraction of the price. I bought three pieces and will be back for more.

I was sorry to see that Johnny Damon won’t be coming to the Red Sox. Aside from his timely hitting and solid fielding, he’s a positive influence in the clubhouse. The Olde Towne Team isn’t out of it yet, but they need an extended win streak to think about overtaking Tampa Bay or the Yankees for the wild-card spot.

Wasn’t it thrilling to see Wes Welker on the field last week? He doesn’t look like he’s missed a step. The rest of the Pats weren’t bad either.
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