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Over the years I’ve lived on-island, there have been some storms that have produced huge thunder boomers and amazing lightning strikes. Most of these episodes result in an occasional chimney blasted off a roof. So far this summer we’ve had quite a bit of damage to homes and institutions, complete with fires, accompanying the lightning strikes.

The past couple of storms seem to have caused more damage from lightning than I am able to remember. I have to wonder if this has something to do with chance, such as the storm coming directly over us, or simply lightning that’s more intense than usual.

Get ready folks, the Trustees of Reservations ia telling us what many beachgoers already know. Some of our seal population is aggressive and we need to take care around them. That is especially true of fishermen with a finny creature on the end of their line.

Mark my words, soon there will be beaches, (starting with Great Point) that will be seals-only. I haven’t bought a sticker to go out there for the past couple of years. Between bird closures, seal problems, too many rental SUVs and a hefty sticker price, it’s just not worth it to me. And, I’m not the only one who feels that way.

I wonder how much money was spent so that the Nantucket Police could have pictures taken of their marijuana haul. Every year, we see the same old bundles of weed stacked up by the station. At least they’ll have a new venue for next year’s photo album. More plants will be required, if they want to make it look like a big bust. With a new building, this years leafy take would seem paltry posed by the enormous brick edifice.

There’s a new bakery in town and it’s a good one. Not that I ever doubted Tiina Polvere could produce anything less than outstanding goods. Located on Centre Street, just shy of Broad Street, I arrived mid-morning on Saturday, and missed most of the snacks I had hoped for.

Mobs had bought most of what occupied the shelves and I made do with a baguette. The loaf was chewy and had great flavor. This is just what I need, more baked goods to load up on. I’m working on my Michelin Man look this year.

In the same vicinity is a great restaurant, Company of The Cauldron. Last Friday I dined there, and as always, was amazed at how wonderful the food was. Executive chef (and owner) All Kovelencik keeps getting better by the year. I first met All when he was cooking for Steve Bender at The Sandpiper, on Main Street, in the early seventies.

Last but not least on my food forays over the past week was a superb supper at The SeaGrille. E.J. and Robin Harvey have created an oasis for diners, with great food, huge portions and fine service. They both give back to the community in so many ways, that it’s impossible to relate them all here. Unless you’ve just arrived on Nantucket, their generosity and good deeds have probably touched you.

I’m all for the Dreamland rebuilding getting underway. There are plenty of people with the wherewithal to contribute four- or five-figure amounts to help the cause. At present, contributions from high-rollers and average folks are as they should be. The mid-level well-to-do have lagged behind. Instead of a new Range Rover this year, how about donating a chunk of change to create a landmark we can all be proud of?

On the other hand, the idea of the Dreamland people selling a couple thin slices of property to the Land Bank is a ridiculous idea. Pocket parks are ideal in a town, but the slivers that are proposed aren’t a good way to go. And, if a pocket park needs to go there, why shouldn’t the Dreamland people do it themselves?

The Land Bank has better ways to spend a couple of million dollars than this strange scenario. Trying to trade a seat on the Dreamland board for a land sale sounds like a bribe to me. At least they were up front about it.

One of my favorite artists had an opening last week and his work, ever good, was fantastic. David Lazarus continues to blossom with his paintings, yet his woodcuts and etchings still have that rustic feel. On Saturday morning, I ran into David at the market on Cambridge Street. He had a number of woodcuts, etchings and watercolors. I picked up a few and am going back for more. This is affordable art, and it’s evocative of Nantucket and our lives here.

I was in Boston for a couple of days this week and managed to get to a movie by the name of “The Kids Are All Right.” The 15-year-old boy in the picture was wearing a Nantucket T shirt in two scenes. Are we everywhere, or what?

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