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Maybe it’s just me, but when the temperature nears 80 around here, why do people begin complaining that we’re burning up? Last summer, some warm weather would have come in handy. I have zero complaints about Nantucket weather over this past spring and summer (so far). Most days when the thermometer has gone above 75, there’s been a mild breeze and life feels very comfortable.

There seem to be several cobbled streets in town where stones have erupted from their beds and said rocks are piled alongside the curb. Replant the stones, or at least stash them, before homeowners use them to enclose their driveway. I’ve picked up dozens of dirt-road cobbles for just that purpose, but would hate to see parts of our downtown streets being kidnapped for someone’s residence.

Recently I stopped and sat for a time in the Land Bank’s pocket park, at the corner of Main and Fair streets. It’s a peaceful spot with foliage and a view of town that can’t be beat. There’s a beautiful wrought-iron entry and a babbling fountain complete with stonework benches and deck. Why do people throw pennies into fountains?

Since that first time, I’ve returned to the park twice. Some kids used chalk and drew a hop-scotch court and some lovely, random designs. Seeing the court brought memories of elementary school and recess flooding back. So far, in three visits, there were not that many folks around. Maybe that’s good.

I had lunch at the Downy with two other “gentlemen” a few days ago. As we ordered, it was apparent that all three of us had ordered the exact same lunch we almost always do. Each of us ate a different dish than one another. We didn’t need menus and our waitress really didn’t need her order pad, as she’d figured out our (mostly) unvarying orders before we sat down.

The Nantucket Board of Selectmen has been asked to consider holding its weekly soap opera at the new Police Monstrosity (better get used to it, just like the water towers).

I’m conflicted with this possible step. The good thing is that the building is wired with a video feed, so the meetings may be televised and viewed in real time and there’s more room for the public and places to park.

On the other hand, moving the BOS meetings further destabilizes the downtown government center and that’s not good. Nantucket is in danger of losing year round downtown businesses to outer areas. A vibrant core district is imperative for us to truly remain a town. We already have the island/county part.

Wannacomet Water has once again told users that it’s fine to go back to watering their overly-green, far-too-fertilized lawns. We wouldn’t need new public wells if these systems were discontinued. I realize this is the classic “my lawn is lusher than yours” scenario, but if no one could use sprinklers, it could change our entire resource for the better. Does anybody really need a lawn on-island? If you play croquet regularly, you get a bye on this one.

This spring and summer, I have taken, or been taken, to Dune on four occasions. The food is superb and prices, for a first-rate eatery, are more than reasonable. Michael Getter produced wonderful food at American Seasons and he hasn’t lost a step by moving to Broad Street.

Speaking of that strip, a member of the Nantucket Town Association has single-handedly taken on the task of beautifying Broad Street, the first sight visitors on the Steamship Authority see upon driving off the boat. Actually, they’re no longer driven by steam, but one of them has the Nobska whistle, so all is not lost.

Not only has this saint of the strip planted vegetation on small plots there, but she’s spent countless hours drawing and researching ways to make that area more welcoming to everyone walking through there. Eventually this extension of the wharf could look less like a sideshow and more representative of what we are really about.

The Red Sox have certainly taken their lumps this season and they’re in remarkably good shape, considering the circumstances. August may be the month that tells us whether they live to play ball in late fall.

Even after trite rhymes, I’d like to hear your thoughts. I may be reached at (508) 228-4325, drop me a line at Box 1263, Nantucket, MA 02554, or e-mail me at Be nice, don’t make me blush.
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2 Responses to “Goodman’s Gam”

  1. AckBoater Says:

    I never understood the need for air-conditioning on Nantucket during the summer. Funny how people complain when it gets to be around 75 degrees out. When it gets to be 80 degrees or so, they run and hide in their air-conditioned ugly trophy monstrosities. If you get a little warm, open a window. There’s always a breeze. The good news is that in 4 weeks it’ll be over and everyone will be gone and the locals can have their island back.

  2. David Says:

    Thank you, AB. You hit the nail right on the head. Nice pics above.

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