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The Ides of July are upon us. Six weeks to touchdown. With nearly perfect weather over the past few months, I now have great hopes for a fall that matches, or exceeds, what we’ve already experienced. Since post-Labor Day weeks are our favorite time of year, my fingers are crossed and hopes for a temperate fall occupy my mind.

Right now, I’m hearing folks complain about high temperatures. When I see that the thermometer is 100-degrees plus on the mainland and a little above 80 on our sweaty sandbar, I feel mighty cool. I realize that a ride to a beach takes all of five minutes, with beautiful, cool ocean water available in all directions.

Failing affection for the beach, most all of us have running water. These days, it seems an awful lot of houses have their own swimming pools. I’ve never understood this practice. To me, pools are for when an ocean, lake, pond or stream isn’t available. For nine months of the year, we don’t need no stinkin’ pools. Most people owning a pool aren’t living here in those nine months.

Pat Church has ended her reign as Superior Court clerk and normally, I’d call her leaving a loss. Having Mary Adams succeed Pat in the job, however, means that the efficient office won’t miss a beat. Nantucket is fortunate to have a terrific second-in-command taking over. I hope this won’t take away from Mary’s time on the water.

Then there’s Reverend Nancy Nelson’s retirement as pastor of the Methodist Church. Nancy is one of my favorite people. She’s always upbeat and has a big smile on her face. That, and she has superb taste in music. Parishioners at the Centre Street church must be feeling a loss of her guiding spirit.

By now, many of you have heard the unfortunate news concerning the Maria Mitchell Aquarium sign that was stolen a week ago. This is not an organization with a large war chest. Having to replace the sign will eat up money and time, which could have been better put to teaching youngsters about this island and its aquatic inhabitants. You could help by dropping off a donation to them at their offices on Vestal Street.

I noticed that a gentleman made a speech extolling the virtues of the Tea Party on the steps of the Methodist Church last week. Of the pictures I saw, it appeared that this was a very tiny Tea Party. Other than a handful of friends and curious onlookers, was this really news? I’ve seen lemonade stands on street corners generate more excitement. They’re certainly more refreshing.

A refreshing item on our summer menu is the carnival. It is here and will shortly be gone, subject to space available on the steamship. While the rides get smaller year by year, the gustatory delights continue to please. Food sold there is replete with all necessary requirements for boys and girls of all ages. Salt, sugar, dough and unspecified meats combine for a nourishing nosh while sojourning among the many games, rides and other sociological attractions.

Martha Coakley may not be our US Senator, but she’s looking after our interests, as Attorney General, by asking for justification of the insanely high prices we may end up paying for wind generated energy. Just to keep things on balance, Scott Brown, our US Senator is an strong opponent of the Nantucket Sound wind farm.

One more thing; I’m all for wind power, just not where they’re planning to place it. Not, because of the view, because it’s the wrong place. Put them on land, or someplace there’s little or no boat and air traffic. Out behind Massasoit Bridge would be a wonderful spot to start. Going green is needed, though not when the price is way beyond reality. This deal is going to make an investor/developer rich and us poorer. That’s no deal. The main green thing about this project, is going to be folding money flowing from our pockets.

Don’t forget to stop into the 30th Annual Our Island Home Fair, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. this Saturday. Their first-ever cookbook will be available at that time. This tome should be a collector’s item.

David “Big Papi” Ortiz won the Home Run Derby at this year’s All Star Game. Earlier this season most Red Sox fans had written the slugger off as being over the hill. I wasn’t one of them and I plan on playing this (I told you so) card every chance I get.
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