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The stop signs on Old South Road have been taken down. That hasn’t stopped most drivers from stopping where the octagonal menaces used to reside. From what I’ve observed, people are obeying the missing signage more than when it existed. Finally, on Monday (July 5), I was able to pass through without slowing down. No cars ahead of me, so no having to wait.

Classical conditioning is the scientific term for what’s happening on Old South. An easier way to describe this would be to call it Pavlov’s Drivers. When people don’t hesitate at the intersection, traffic moves quite nicely and accessing side streets is readily available. Good move BOS and Traffic Safety folks. Now, about Surfside Road . . .

When I first came here, there were few stop signs to be found. At many intersections, the drill was to slow down, look and in most instances, keep going. Then, the year-round population was a third of what it is today. I’m sure that the vehicle numbers between then and now show an even greater disparity. Today, most family members have their own transportation, and then some.

The wholesale closing of the west end last weekend was over the top. Unless there’s an all-out riot, the Nantucket Police have no right to turn everyone away. Why not let people who aren’t drunk, causing trouble, or happen to be of college age pass through to the beach? Patrols along the strand could have nipped problems in the bud and not angered average citizens longing for a relaxing day by the surf.

The fireworks off Jetties Beach started slowly and built to a decent finish. Wouldn’t it be nice if the barge was a little closer to the beach? When the show is so far off, the explosions and light show are diminished. I understand being careful, but the pyrotechnics were lacking the booming quality one would expect on the Fourth of July.

Have you noticed that going into the core district is less crowded these days and there are parking spaces available at most times? There are tough moments, and it can be frustrating, but mid-island traffic seems to be far worse. Marine Lumber and the Stop & Shop are the two main reasons for the increase in traffic around there.

Some friends were downtown for dinner on Saturday night (July 3). They noticed that many of the well-known restaurants weren’t filled to capacity. It appears that a good number of vacationers are eating at home in order to afford their stay on island. Maybe that’s why the Stop & Shop is full to the brim morning, noon and night.

There are a few local quick food fixes that I have to have. For a breakfast on the go, a ham and Swiss croissant at Daily Breads is flaky and hefty enough to tide me over until lunch. When you get one where the cheese has leaked out of the middle, then turns leathery and forms a sort of raclette, that’s a home run.

For lunch in summer months, the Downyflake has a lobster roll with plenty of claw and knuckle meat, bound with lemon mayonnaise. At a hair under ten bucks, this is a deal not to be missed.

Last but not least is a Something Natural sandwich. I try to save these for days when I’ve missed breakfast. Even a half is too much at times, though there’s never a leftover when I finish up. My special is avocado, cheddar, sprouts, red onion, carrots, hummus, peppers and a smear of mayo. There’s no meat, fowl or fish on board, a rarity for me. Other patrons stay clear of me when I consume one of these, as it’s not a pretty sight to behold.

This is an early warning. Our Island Home is holding its 30th annual Summer Fair July 17. The festivities begin at 10 a.m. and run until 2 p.m. There are all manner of goods for sale, games for kids, a dog show, lunch and a free teddy bear and doll check-ups. The truly big news is that OIH has produced a cookbook, containing over 270 recipes. Their cookbook is sure to be a big hit. It goes on sale at the fair and sells for $20 a copy.

The Boston Red Sox are right up in the running in the Eastern-Division race in the American League. Normally, I worry about jinxing the Sox, but there aren’t many more players left to suffer injuries by now. Once some of the players on the DL come back, look out Yankees and Tampa Bay!

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2 Responses to “Goodman’s Gam”

  1. ML Says:

    took me a bout 5 trips down old south road before I stopped stopping at the non existent stop signs!!

  2. AckBoater Says:

    People are STILL stopping at the intersection where there are no stop signs at Old South/Lovers Lane. If they did that in New York or New Jersey where they come from, they would be shot. Now it’s time to take the ones down at the intersection of Surfside and Fairgrounds.

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