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Do you remember when the four-way stop signs were first erected on Old South Road? On several occasions, people uprooted or vandalized the signs. Last week, as I was writing this “electronic gam,” the Board of Selectmen was voting the signs out of existence. I felt foolish the next morning, when reading of the BOS meeting.

Early this week, new signs are up on the road. They’re informing drivers that the signs are coming down at the end of this month. I’ll bet these signs won’t be defaced by unhappy drivers. Two people have called me, rejoicing at the upcoming removal. See, the BOS is capable of doing great things.

Now, how about dismantling the Surfside Road signs?

Having congratulated the members on their governing abilities in one case, we have to look at a bad call. It seems that when you’re appointed to a town committee, you’d better not rock the boat. At least, don’t disturb the ship of government’s vessel. Getting reappointed is unlikely in that case. One would hope that being good at the job, might count for something. David Gray knows that tune. Two BOS members did the right thing (I&M story here).

Judging from the numbers of riders waiting at bus stops along NRTA bus routes, business must be booming. Considering the already knotted-up traffic we’re seeing, the bus looks like a great way to get to and from town. The only time I drive downtown, from now until Labor Day, is on beach days, in the afternoon. Grocery shopping is after 6 in the afternoon if possible. Any other time makes me crazy (well more than usual).

On my way to the airport the other day, I spied two moms and a gaggle of their young kids, who had set up a lemonade stand. They were at the park with statues at the corner, as you turn off Old South Road. As I passed by, the kids were yelling at cars, hoping for takers. I had lunch and on the way back to work, stopped to quaff a glass of store-bought mix.

I brought a dollar bill, hoping inflation hadn’t put a cup out of my meager means. One of the moms told me, no price, just a donation. They had cookies and brownies, but I stuck to the drink. The children were very cute and fought over who got to pour my cup. It wasn’t the best lemonade I’ve ever had, though the experience made my day.

I was pleased to see that the town had stripes painted on many island roads recently. Bartlett Road hadn’t had lines (that I recall) before this. Given the way some drivers use the right side, plus some of the center, this was a long time coming. There’s no question that it’s all right to swerve over the center line to pass bicycles, regardless of oncoming traffic. I know that’s true, because everyone does it.

On another front, parking spaces have been delineated on some town streets. I parked in one, in front of the Town Building, last weekend. Coming back to the car, the driver behind me was over the line by better than a foot, making my exit more difficult. Naturally, there was no one behind them. I’ve heard negative comments about the spaces, so we’ll see how little attention is paid to them.

Now for the other players in our parking situation: summer specials, or whatever name they’re going by this season. The new guys (I have yet to see any women), appear to be more professional than in recent years. My only knock on them is their uniforms. Well, they didn’t choose them, (the town fashion designer did) (I&M story here).

The Boston Celtics took the Lakers all the way to the last few minutes of game seven of the NBA finals, in Los Angeles. After game five, when Paul Pierce said, “All we have to do is win one,” I knew they were cooked. The one they had to win was game six. Still and all, no one thought they’d get beyond the first round. Small comfort, there.

Now, all you naysayers from a month back, how about those Red Sox? Oh, ye of little faith. There’s a long way to go until Labor Day, much less October. You know the old saying, “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over”, and we’re not even in the middle.

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