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Ready for Race Week

It’s the middle of August, and the harbor is filling up with boats of all shapes and sizes. The New York Yacht Club just had its regular rendezvous on the island, and as its boats were leaving the harbor, coming in were sailors of every stripe getting ready to participate in Nantucket Race Week.

Now in its fifth year, Race Week has become the premier event on the island’s sailing calendar. It kicks off Friday night with a reception at the Cavalier Gallery, but the real action gets underway Saturday when the small one-design boats hit the water.

Thanks in large part to Nantucket Community Sailing, sailing’s popularity on the island has grown exponentially over the last decade, to the point that NICS leaders decided five years ago the time had come to celebrate Nantucket’s fondness for sailing by organizing a race week. The obvious choice was to hold it the second week in August, to coincide with, and culminate in, the Opera House Cup.

One of the premier wooden sailboat races on the Eastern Coast, the OHC was born on the back patio of the Opera House restaurant more than three decades ago, the brainchild of a handful of competitive sailors looking for a new challenge. It grew in size and stature to its place in the pantheon of classic sailboat races today. This year’s race promises to attract nearly 100 vessels, ranging in size from under 20 feet to over 100 feet in length.

For more information on Race Week, click here

– Joshua Balling, I&M Managing Editor

3 Responses to “Ready for Race Week”

  1. Mary Kennedy Baumslag Says:

    To say that the OHC was “the brainchild of a handful of competitive sailors” is insufficient reportage.
    How could anyone leave out the whirlwind behind this historic event: the formidable Gwen Gaillard, owner of
    The Opera House, who, when she decided something would get done, got it done.

  2. admin Says:

    Author’s Note: This post in no way was intended to minimize or neglect Gwen Gaillard’s contribution to the Opera House Cup. It was her pride and joy, and would not have been born without her. I have written extensively on the subject, always mentioning Gwen’s contribution, but this post was simply meant to encourage people to take part in or pay attention to, Race Week. It was never intended to be a comprehensive, or even brief synopsis of, the Opera House Cup. (Josh Balling)

  3. Eli Ally Says:

    i love to sail even if we do not have our own sailboat “”,

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