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I’d like to congratulate our new selectwoman coming back on board. For Patty Roggeveen, Election Day was sweeter than usual. Not only did she garner the most votes for that position, it was her birthday as well. The following day Patty was elected Chair of the BOS. I have every hope and belief she’ll be an exemplary Chairwoman.

A couple of weeks back, I was heading for a mid-island merchant in order to purchase supplies for my work. The day was another of the many bright, warm spring days (a true spring this year). It was around the noon hour and as I whizzed by the Stop and Shop, something seemed out of place. A second look and I realized the Downyflake parking lot was full of cars.

Having passed by the entrance, I made a three hundred and sixty degree circle in the roundabout and headed back for a long awaited lunch at the Flake. Most of the usual suspects were inside, some eating, others serving meals. This turned out to be the Downy’s re opening day. I’d missed the place, so life had now returned to what passes for normal.

There is nothing as fine as the same old, same old. I wasn’t alone when it came to pining for the place, while they were closed. Several folks said they felt lost and couldn’t bring themselves to go elsewhere. Not so for me, though I didn’t go out for lunch as often as usual. I’m not much for breakfast, so that was a moot point in my case.

Shortly after dining there, actually, it was a couple of times; I received a news flash courtesy of the Cape Cod Times. It turns the newspaper had a readers poll of the top 10 Cape and Islands doughnut shops. The Downyflake sauntered in at sixth place. I try to stay away from them (not always successfully), instead going for other options to increase my girth. It’s good to have an old friend back.

Town workers have been hard at work, painting yellow (no parking) lines around the core district. Whether the bright lines were intended to be there for Daffodil Weekend, or it was simply time to paint, the color was a perfect counterpoint to the many bulbs that have sprouted in the past few weeks.

Now it’s time for the parking police to get out and enforce the newly-defined spaces. This all day parking in the downtown, with no penalties in store for the offenders needs to cease. May is nigh. There’s no reason for those of us, not working around that area, to have to search hard for a space, while trying to perform errands there.

In that same vein, I love it when the Stop & Shop paints their lines and directional arrows. Before they’re dry, cars are already unaware of which way to go. There is the factor of the lot being private property. No one is about to issue a ticket for driving the wrong way in there. It does lead to massive tie-ups in the summer season.

Speaking of the summer coming…. I’ve noticed dozens of houses and businesses being painted over the past couple of weeks. It appears that there’s a slight surge in construction activity of late. We aren’t out of the woods yet, but there are signs of a comeback on the way. Nantucket is unlikely to return to what went on here for the past three decades. No one expects that. Better would be nice.

I found it an interesting turn of events when, first hearing about a pitiful attempt to drain Miacomet Pond (I&M story here). Then I received an old Yankee Magazine article (over the internet) about Steve Scannell’s ridiculous attempts to do the same thing, back in the late 1980s. He had the right idea, but it was the wrong way to try and affect that change.

Not too long ago, I said I wasn’t worried about the Red Sox slow start. Well, now, I’m taking those words back. Poor defense, shabby pitching and threadbare hitting are about to shove the Boston nine so far in arrears that they may not have a shot at the playoffs. They’re going to have to get hot, and the Rays or Yankees falter.

At least the Bruins and Celtics are in the playoffs, and while it’s early, they look fine so far.
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