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It’s getting pretty green out there. This spring has been a beauty and I was loathe to write this, knowing that happy words are bound to bring on torrents of rain, a freak snow storm, or the usual gale-force winds. Up until my (now) non-prescient post, we’ve had little rain of late and mostly bright, sunny days. We deserve this after a poor spring and summer in 2009.

One of the best benefits of nice days is the reactions of people you meet on the street. Everyone is happy and it tends to affect the greetings and conversations one engages in and overhears. Whether you’re a fisherman, golfer, gardener or your work is outside, freedom to be under open skies without the constraint of heavy clothing is liberating. It’s about T-shirt time, where I live.

I remember complaints about the bike path that begins at Surfside Road, runs uphill alongside Nantucket Cottage Hospital, the Colored Cemetery and eventually peters out a little way past the Old Mill and the entrance to Dead Horse Valley. Today, there’s a split rail fence, replete with a solid daffodil border following the path.

Passing by there a few days back, I was taken aback at how this entire stretch had suddenly evolved from a sow’s purse of an intersection (to speed by), into a silk purse, now worth the attention it deserves. For the naysayers, I ask you to take a good look, walk the walk and relish a small piece of heaven, on the edge of town. All change isn’t bad.

I had occasion to spend a few minutes at the elementary school last week. My guess is that, other than parents of the kids attending there, most locals aren’t aware of what a treasure we have. The children, teachers and office folk are focused on their tasks, with a single-mindedness that’s impressive. Well, maybe the kids aren’t always totally focused. I remember daydreaming in school at that age. Come to think of it, not much has changed.

Regardless, the school seemed bright and everyone appeared happy, content and full of energy. Some of this surely was due to the sunny day outside and classes were about to be dismissed. I’ve heard knocks on our schools, but from what I observed, all is well on Surfside Road.

I attended a book-signing at The Chicken Box last Friday evening. One of my favorite people, Cary Hazlegrove, has produced a treasure trove of her photographic wares. Featuring (what else) Nantucket, Cary captures the essence of who, what, and where we are. She amazes me with photos of places I’ve seen thousands of times and yet have never noticed the finer details. I never would have believed it, but Cary has a picture of the red ticket drawing, which I can’t help but marvel at. She has a way with portraits of fog that is beyond description.

Not being content with her visual brilliance, Cary then proceeded to get up on The Box stage and belt out a set with her band, The Shingles. I remember Ms. Hazlegrove when she sang with a band down at Children’s Beach, at one of the early Seafests (perhaps 1980?). She still reminds me of Emmy Lou Harris, and then some.

The election results are in and I wish they were surprising. Not enough candidates and too few issues discussed. I can’t remember the last time we had an election with so few fireworks. We deserve better.

Losing Allen Reinhard will now mean more micro managing, a trait many BOS members seem to exhibit. I believe it’s time for some of them to take a catch-up course in the town charter. The buzzword that makes me crazy is members opining they’re proactive. That’s for Libby and her crew. The BOS needs to take a huge step back. Don’t look for it any time soon.

What was most bothersome, aside from few contested races, was the SHAB non-race. Only two candidates, for three positions, is ridiculous. Considering the problems facing commercial fishing these days, there ought to have been a plethora of qualified watermen vying for the third seat on SHAB.

Now for some really important news taking place this upcoming week. The Boston Bruins are beginning their playoff, as of tonight. Their opponent, the Buffalo Sabres. At this point, I’d be pleased if they win this series. Anything beyond that would be gravy.

The Celts will be playing postseason as well. Their opponent isn’t yet known. They had better get their act together, soon.

For many Red Sox Fans, this has been an unusual start to the season. The Olde Towne Team was supposed to be heavy on pitching and defense, but light on offense. Instead, the Boston Nine has looked amateurish on the mound and had good hitting. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all the boo birds moaning about Big Papi’s lousy average. I’m not worried, yet. I miss not seeing Mike Lowell at the hot corner.
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