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This year’s Town Meeting took off in the same direction as we’ve seen in the past few years. There hasn’t been much discussion about finances and there’s far too much attention paid to mundane affairs. All it takes is a couple of folks pushing items that need not have made it to the floor. The next thing you know a half-hour of precious time has been wasted on an article that wasn’t understood by a (one) single member of the audience. All she had to do was ask a simple question, before the meeting.

Then, there was a gentleman that had an article that countermanded a state law and tried to save face by finally having a “we request bike riders to not ride in the road,” statement that is now part of the 2010 record. Everyone should have the right to have their say, though some forethought would have saved us the agony of those two fiascos coming to the floor and the entire meeting would have taken two, rather than three evenings.

In the process, we missed most of the Duke basketball team win, a Red Sox/Yankees game, “24” and several beautiful evenings listening to the peepers. Admittedly, we did hear many peeps, just not those from swampy areas.

I observed the usual collection of knitters, computer-users and it appeared that most everyone was bored enough to keep checking their cell phones. Given the yawn factor in the room, I’d guess they were praying for any excuse to get out of there. Town Meeting is a series of highs and lows for me. You “win” one and it all feels worthwhile and then a little later one is “lost.” That’s what keeps me going back. Enough good ones, are enough to keep believing in the system.

Moderator Sarah Alger (as always) was on course. I’m always amazed at how well she’s plugged in to every article. Not only that, she is beyond fair to the rest of us (idiots) asking dumb questions, as well as would-be parliamentarians who try to outwit her solid performance. She’s the absolute best!
Another one of my favorite people e-mailed me with a spring arrival. For the past decade (maybe more), Penny Starr had the first report of a Mayflower on April 1. And as I like to call her (she, too seems to like it), Penny is “the Mayflower Madam.”

In general, the greenery is picking up around the island with a sudden burst. Daffodils are in full bloom and I’m beginning to wonder if many of them will hold on until Daffodil Weekend. Flowers, or not, there will be plenty of bodies to go around that weekend. Get ready, our population is about to bloom.

So far, we have had early spring weather. Besides the emergence of new shoots, there’s the opposite effect on clothing. People are going about with T-shirts, sans jackets, and I’ve seen a jump in sandals. I no longer count those folks wearing shorts, as so many guys are going through the entire winter with bare legs. Men delivering overnight packages are in the lead with this fashion statement.

The Sconset Road is in the process of being repaved (story, photos here). It’s too bad that money couldn’t have been spent on the Boulevarde to Monohanset road stretch of road. I’ve heard complaints that the new paving of our solitary state road could have been better spent. We didn’t have a choice in the matter.

I have been intrigued by the sculptures along Hummock Pond Road (story, photo here). Just after the turnoff for Somerset Lane, on the opposite side of the road are what I am wont to call “Take It or Leave It” art. The works are playful and yet seriously beautiful. To me, they’re more interesting than many decorations I’ve seen on expensive properties.

Last, but not least, let me remind you to vote on Tuesday. And, if you’re campaigning in front of the High School, please don’t litter the front yards of the residents there.
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