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Remembering Mimi Beman

Nantucket has lost a jewel. Mimi Beman, passed away after a short illness, yesterday. She was a Main Street fixture, both as the mother/proprietor of Mitchell’s Book Corner and as a supporter of the arts on island. One of the brightest people I’ve had the pleasure to know, Mimi innately bonded with, (almost) anyone who walked through her doors. Impolite people didn’t cut it with her.

I’ll miss her hugs and our conversations both inside Mitchell’s and in later years, when she spent time outside the shop, while having a cigarette. One of the many things that I loved about Mimi was her refusal to bow to political correctness. She was smoking in the bookstore, long after it became unfashionable.

Mimi was very well spoken; though she could be profane on occasion, another act that endeared her to me. Not that there was anything about Mimi that didn’t endear her to me. When I’d walk through her door, she’d immediately let me know there was a new book she knew I’d like. Mimi never got it wrong.
David Goodman
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