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Taking a look at the warrant for the 2010 Annual Town Meeting is tedious, with occasional flashes of interesting articles to be discussed and then voted on. I like to leave mine in the library, so that it may be read an article or two at a time. That way I’m able to digest the entire package.

Most people who received their copy in last week’s I&M, never looked at the warrant. Too many citizens abrogate their duty as voters and refuse to show up at the polls, much less sit through several evenings in the high-school auditorium. What’s worse is the age of most of the people attending Town Meeting. Most seats are occupied by islanders old enough to receive Social Security, or at least they’re closing in on it.

I’m not knocking the virtues of senior citizenship, having been eligible for membership in AARP for 10 years. What bothers me the most is that 30- and 40-year old-voters ought to be weighing in on subjects which will affect them and their children in the near and far-off future. Few of them show up at the meeting.

The old lines, “I’m too busy,” or “I can’t get a babysitter,” don’t cut it. No one is too busy to let important local issues be decided by a distinct minority of the population. As far as finding a babysitter, why not have one parent attend Town Meeting, while the other stays home with junior? If senior citizens are capable of getting to the meeting, surely someone half their age should be sprinting into the auditorium and participating.

I ducked into Nantucket Looms’ new digs on Main Street early this week. As expected, Liz and her minions have put together a beautiful new shop. The Looms should be open within a day of your reading these words.

Later on that same day, I was out toward the airport and having heard online comments about Crosswinds restaurant, stopped in to try the food. Unlike Alice’s, the eatery was open for business.

I had a simple lunch that was inexpensive and tasty. With the Downyflake on vacation for a couple of months and several other restaurant closures (temporary), this turned out to be a good choice. As I was getting up to leave, who walked in but Liz Winship. Well, it is a small island, especially in February.

Everyone I’ve spoken to regarding the outcome of last week’s Super Bowl had the same comments. They were happy the New Orleans Saints prevailed over the Indianapolis Colts. The other message conveyed was that it’s time for the Who to stop performing, at least in public.

Having seen the Who back in their heyday, this was embarrassing to see and hear. One woman told me she thought it was weird to hear a rock band in their mid-60s, singing songs of youth and rebellion. Remember the line, “Hope I die before I get old.” Roger and Pete, it’s time to change “die” to retire and then pay attention to your own lyrics.

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics blast off with opening ceremonies tomorrow (Friday) at 7:30 p.m. This should be an exciting couple of weeks. Much of the action will be in real time, as the difference on the West Coast is only a few hours earlier than here. I’ve never skied, though watching it makes me feel exhilarated. The snowboarding is exciting, too.

Figure skating is less my thing, as I prefer to see sticks and pucks flying around the ice and guys policing the action in striped shirts, with whistles. Winter evenings don’t have to be dull. And, there’s another reason to keep the tube warmed up.

On Monday and Tuesday evenings, the Westminster Dog Show is being broadcast from Madison Square Garden. Nantucket is a paradise for dogs and those who love them. So it stands to reason that this is a good reason for us to sit in front of the TV and watch everyday pooches and exotic ones as well. Not only that, islander Rhoda Weinman has two of her Dachshunds entered in the contest.

Monday evening the coverage begins on the USA Network (Comcoast channel 35) at 8 p.m. and then at 9 p.m. it switches to CNBC (Channel 46), ending at 11 pm. Tuesday it’s broadcast solely on USA, beginning at 8 p.m., ending at 11 p.m. These canines are a picture of perfection as they run their handlers around the ring.

I jumped the Valentine’s Day gun last week. Now, you have but three days to buy something sweet for that special someone in your life.
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4 Responses to “Goodman’s Gam”

  1. Kenny B. Says:

    Hi there David – et al – Enjoyed your gam this week. I agree on the ATM. Too few people show up to make the decisions that affect everyone. I enjoy my job wandering around with the microphone so people can be heard. Things are never dull.

    As an amateur athlete I am a big Olympic fan. Both Cindy and I worked at the Atlanta Olympics of 1996, in the sport of badminton. I know most of you can’t imagine it being an Olympic sport but it is, since Barcelona in 1992. The sport is dominated by China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Denmark and Great Britain. In competition it is ONLY played indoors.

    And on Nantucket, Badminton Mania is coming again as Dave Webb orchestrates a favorite student event in early March. There will be open ‘practice’ play at the NHS Gym on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7 to 9. Perhsps some of you will come out and bash the birdie.

    Figure skating is one of our highlights of the winter Olympics. The music they skate to is almost always lovely. Particularly enjoy the pairs and dance competitions.

    We dodged another blizzard. We get it when no one else gets it and those folks in the mid-Atlantic have certainly had more than their share. My step-Mom and Dad are still snowed in down in McLean, VA. Amazing that the government could just shut down for a week and the country keeps going. Or is it?

    Kenny B.

  2. Greg Garber Says:

    Did Roger and Pete get fleeced by Bernie Madoff?

  3. David Says:

    Hi Greg, I think Father Time got to them. **David**

  4. Greg Garber Says:

    Like the punch-drunken fighter who won’t go away…..

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