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December is upon us, and it seems that the year just began. I suppose time flies when the economy is down in the dumps. 2009 is almost behind us. For many folks the end is a good thing. In my case there were some obstacles, though in the long run I came out with more good news than bad. I’d like to think that 2010 is going to make all of us a little happier than the last 11 months (and counting) did.

Next Tuesday (Dec. 8 ) there are two primary races to fill the vacant seat of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. Most people don’t even know they should be going to the polls the day after Pearl Harbor Day. There are a couple of men in the Republican contest. Few voters have even heard the name of the state senator running against a ridiculous challenger. He ran for governor a while back and was known when he crashed in the middle of a cell phone interview with a radio personality.

On the Democratic side there are four people in the running. I’ll start from bottom up (as to how many votes they’ll garner). The first gentleman is known for his public service and his cousin is a newscaster on a Boston television station. Next comes an extremely well-heeled guy, used to be a Republican and donated $1,000 to the “shrubs” reelection campaign. He’s spent millions of dollars of his own money in trying to win. At least this might be an economic boost for the communications industry.

In second place is a U.S. Congressman who makes it very clear that he’s a Washington “insider.” The winner is most likely to be the only woman in the race. She’s competent, though it seems that a big smile might cause her face to crumble. Be that as it may, the winner of the Democratic primary will run away with the general election. I didn’t use any names, because you’ve already been bombarded with their many ads and phone messages (I’ve received a total of at least a dozen).

Deer season is in full swing and you’ve probably seen a fair amount of blaze-orange outerwear on the street or in stores. As long as the hunters abide by the laws, I’m happy that they’re able to pursue their sport. Filling one’s freezer with free-range venison, while culling the over-sized deer herd on island is a win-win situation.

Unfortunately there are those people who shouldn’t be allowed to possess deadly weapons. I’ve heard of and seen too many household pets that suffered at the hands of morons who shot at anything that moved. In some cases the killing took place deliberately when the so called “hunter” couldn’t find a legal target.

What has occurred around here that makes me happy are the bow-hunters. These people are taking their quarry while learning how to get right up to them. Fewer injured deer to crawl into the brush and die a lingering death. Quite a few guys I know who formerly wielded a gun now use a bow. It’s a bit like experienced fishermen who change from spinning gear to a flyrod. Once you learn to do something, now try to season it.

Watching the news of late was appalling. Black Friday, a term I had never heard used until less than a decade ago, was the big news for several days. It was shocking to see videos of entire families camped out in front of stores, instead of sleeping off their Thanksgiving dinner in a warm bed at home. I could have sworn that Christmas was less about buying, and more about the spirit of brotherhood of men and women.

Another news item that drew me in was the gate-crashers at the White House party. You have to give them credit. They looked the part, and must have acted properly to make it through the checkpoints. The Secret Service ought not to arrest them, but grant them immunity and find out how they pulled this off.

The only people who should pay for this gaffe are the paid protectors. Mister and Mrs. Crasher didn’t have an invitation, period. End of story. That they got through one checkpoint was one too many. What happened to professional peace officers in charge of protection of our leaders? We’re not talking about VP Joe Biden walking down Main Street last week. Nobody needed an invite to talk to him in front of The Hub.

Marine Home Center was ripped off for $12,000 last week. There are several questions that need to be answered in regard to this. Why was the money stashed in a file cabinet, and not deposited in the bank? Even after work hours there are provisions for this. I know there are cameras in there, yet none of them were focused on the file cabinet. It would have been better had they hidden the cash under a pile of papers, and made the thief find it in the dark.

Earlier this week, AJ Mleczko and the entire gold-medal-winning U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team was inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame. Some of you may remember the parade when AJ returned to Nantucket and was presented with a key to Nantucket. AJ was also on the silver-medal team in Salt Lake City. Early next year, AJ will be working on the Vancouver Olympics. She’ll be a commentator on the television coverage of the Women’s Ice Hockey action.

By the time you read this, it’s probably going to be rainy and very windy. For Stroll folks, hope things clear up by Friday. All of you know I’m no longer a fan of this weekend, but right now merchants could use an infusion of cash to weather the cold winter months ahead.
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  1. Greg Garber Says:

    David, my analysis of the Senate race:

    The Republican state senator touts himself as a fiscal conservative, yet has a well-documented record of favoring override tax increases in his home community. He also couldn’t name the Pakistani head of state in a recent interview.

    The Republican rival… comment.

    The Democratic public service executive…..I’ve heard he’s genuine, self-deprecating. But he doesn’t project as credible.

    The Republican-turned-Democrat……worked for Bain Capital. ‘Nuff said.

    The Democratic congressman…..widely credited for running the City of Somerville into the ground as mayor. Thankfully, Somerville is now thriving under Mayor Curtatone.

    The remaining Democrat…..has always been looking ahead to the next office. Has ensured that every metro Boston resident knew her name via the media over the years. Liberal, no doubt. Is she the answer? I don’t know.

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