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Lately I’ve noticed how slow things are around the island. That sort of sums up what many year-round people want once Labor Day has come and gone. But this fall Nantucket feels as if we’ve traveled at least 20 years into the past. Fewer people and fewer vehicles make it easier to get around for those of us still here.

There’s no question that a fair amount of this is due to less work and higher expenses to live here. I don’t know that as huge a number of folks have left as is appears. It seems that many residents aren’t out and about as usual. Much of this may be due to less work, and therefore less driving to and from the job. For those people on the edge, gas is used only when needed, and not to be squandered.

A good number of those who abandoned this blob of sand and scrub oak were solely here for the easy money. Now it’s not so easy, and most of them weren’t here for the scenery. Unfortunately, we have lost many good people who couldn’t afford to wait for better times. Take a look at the foreclosure notices in recent I&M issues and everything becomes painfully obvious.

The news concerning Jim Perelman’s interest in the sheriff’s position has generated lots of talk. Better than a dozen islanders have spoken to me about this. All of those had good things to say about his candidacy and how he’d be a breath of fresh air for the office. My favorite comment was one guy’s take on Jim. He opined that “Jim already has the right mustache for the job.” That’s true, plus he works hard and is honest.

While the subject of upcoming elections is on my mind, I viewed the Democratic debate for Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat. All four of the candidates were in agreement on most issues and no one stood out above the rest of the pack. At this point, I’m leaning toward Martha Coakley, simply because she did a good job as a district attorney and now has been a fine attorney general for the commonwealth. The last reason I like her is that I tend to vote for women (if all other things are equal). Women don’t seem to have the ego problems that men (including myself) exhibit in many situations.

Be careful when driving on Saturday evening. There will be hordes of sugar-fueled ghosts and goblins out on the town. Most of the younger kids will be accompanied by adults, but when these youngsters are hyped up, they don’t always heed their parents. Very often their costumes aren’t easily seen after dark, so it’s up to drivers to slow down and be aware of trick-or-treaters.

Now that Plum TV (Channel 22) has ceased to broadcast the Selectmen’s Meetings, Geno Geng (Channel 17) will pick up the slack. His broadcast will begin an hour after the meeting has wrapped up. Given how long some of the BOS marathons run, you might want to watch the second broadcast of it on Sunday. At present a time hasn’t been chosen, though I’d guess that watching the crawl on Channel 17 later this week should give you the appropriate time.

Get ready for an early sunset on Sunday, November 1st at 2 am. From then until late December, days will be shorter and winter is on our doorstep. Remember to set your clocks back an hour before you go to sleep on Saturday evening. Spring ahead is preferred, but if we didn’t have winter . . . we’d be living in south Florida.

The Federal Street Post Office has a new front door, and I must say it looks fine overall. The work could have been completed in half the time and once it was reopened, one man showed me what appears to be a flaw. As you face the door, on the left side there’s an extension of the railing sticking out almost a foot beyond where the steps end. So much so that it could hurt someone, should they walk, or fall against it. I have to wonder when there’s a good reason for this, or the contractor measured incorrectly. Also, the finish work on the rail isn’t clean and the workmen didn’t sweep up after they were finished. I’d love to know how much the PO laid out for this. You know what they say “A penny saved is a government oversight.”

It’s hard to believe that twenty years ago, Charles Stuart fooled the Boston Police (and the rest of the nation) into believing that a black man had killed his pregnant wife and shot him. A manhunt ensued and an innocent person was suspected of the crime. Eventually the truth came forth and Charles Stuart took his own life, rather than face justice. This was a sad chapter in the Hub.

A couple of weeks back we had a less-dastardly hoax that looked real until a young child spilled the beans on television. Dad should have known better than to trust his young son with a secret of that magnitude. For a few hours it appeared that a Mylar balloon had escaped with a child inside. Once again, the media and most of us were fooled. The story fueled newscasts for a week.

Being an American League fan, the Yankees are the team I’d like to see prevail in the World Series. That would mean the Red Sox who finished second behind the Bronx Bombers are number two in the American League. How’s that for rationalization? Pedro Martinez is now going to have a second shot at another world championship ring. Petey is supposed to start Game 2 this evening. With any luck, the Yankees won’t be his Daddy. I wish him well. Now that the rationalization is complete, I’ve become a fence-sitter.

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6 Responses to “Goodman’s Gam”

  1. Greg Garber Says:

    I remember the Charles Stuart saga like it was yesterday. I was working on Clarendon Street in the South End at the time. The first question we all asked at work the morning after the shooting was….if he was driving home to Peabody after the birthing class, he would have taken a right turn out of the Brigham & Women’s garage, not a left as he did.

    As for taking his life…..let’s just say the word around these parts is that the family of the late Carol DiMaiti had some, shall we say, “connections.”

  2. David Says:

    Hi Greg, I too remember the whole episode as having taken place much more recently. Not having knowledge about driving around Boston, my take was that CS was really shot by a robber. Fooled again. Take care. **David**

  3. Susan Beaupre-Kish Says:

    Hi David – Hope you are doing well. I didn’t leave the blob of sand for a better job – I loved it there! Still miss it but love took me to the other side of the world.

    During the Charles Stuart saga I was working for the Boston Company and living in the North End. Not one of my female co-workers discussing this around the lunchtable, nor any of my female friends nor fellow gym-goers ever believed him for one second. Call it women’s intuition. Felt the same thing about Lacy Peterson’s death too.

  4. Joan Holdgate Says:

    WHY isn’t the new Post Office door handicap-accessible???

  5. David Says:

    Hi Joan, Check here on Thursday for further info on the PO. **David**

  6. Lyn Davis Says:

    David, give some thought to the Fighting Phillies. No massive egos, no flashy lifestyles, no ‘roids, and equal abilities with the Yankees….HMMMM.

    The trip to will tell the tale.

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