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Goodman’s Gam

It feels as if we’ve had enough rain and wind over the past week to wash away half the island. That doesn’t take into account how cold it was for mid October. Never fear, there’s supposed to be more wind and rain over this next weekend. I’ve heard cool temperatures will accompany the upcoming storm.

With any luck Nantucket’s winter won’t be a chilly one, though after the summer we just experienced, I have a feeling that bad weather is our fate for the rest of 2009. If 2010 is warm and sunny all will be forgotten by next year at this time. My long underwear is ready for whatever comes our way.

When it comes to flu and swine flu vaccinations, many people I’ve spoken to aren’t willing to go get their shots. At first my reaction was “good for them.” After all, then I’d be able to receive my shots. Having thought through the subject, I hope they change their mind(s). If more people were vaccinated, the less chance they’ll infect everyone else on island.

It was nice to see an off island newspaper article about Nantucket that wasn’t trumpeting high prices to vacation here. The New York Times let the rest of the country know how well our recycling efforts have been. We have to do better on an island, as we aren’t able to truck the waste to a landfill that’s not in our backyard.

Town this week was a maze of streets with detour signs posted by them. The signs were frustrating as two of those I came by had blown over and couldn’t be read unless one got out of their vehicle and flipped them over. Roadwork never ends, unless it’s in the summer season.

Evidently the Sherburne Commons deal is complete. And, it’s quite a windfall for Servant Healthcare, the group that picked it up for a song. The bank is going to eat almost $25 million dollars they were due and there’s another $1.5 million dollars to cover the owners who bought into this quagmire. That’s insufficient funds (bank talk) to take care of more than two or three owners should they wish to sell their homes.

Many people have asked me why I’m down on senior citizen housing. I’m not. It’s time for me to begin thinking about where I’ll end up in a few years. This idea sounded good at first, but it has turned out to be a bad proposition. The idea that only one entity has bid for this property is asking for trouble. They got everything handed to them from the Town Meeting voters and elected officials. The town is likely to end up as Servant’s servant in the long run.

Along those same lines, we’ve reached an accord with Comcast for cable TV service on island. I know how hard the volunteers on the Cable TV Committee worked on this contract, Comcast is an immense company and they own the infrastructure here. No other cable company is going to try to come here and challenge them. They (Comcast) do a good job, though the prices they charge are sky high.

The first summer I was living here there was a sign at the Chicken Box exclaiming that a group known as NRBQ would be playing there in a few days. I was excited because their first album was in collaboration with Carl Perkins. The record was country rockabilly in nature. Because I was a fan of Carl Perkins (he wrote “Blue Suede Shoes and two songs the Beatle’s recorded) the record (“Boppin’ the Blues”) was on my shelf.

I don’t remember if NRBQ (New Rhythm and Blues Quintet”) was there for a week, or two, but I showed up every evening. People here loved them and with good reason. You couldn’t listen to their music and stand still. The group came back to the Box more than a dozen times over the years as well as building a huge following allover the country.

In the news a few days back I read of the death of Steve Ferguson one of the co-founders of the group. He left the band within a year or two of its inception and I only saw him play a few times. The other co-founder was an organ/piano player by the name of Terry Adams. He was the only guy I’ve ever seen who could tap both feet at the same time to two different beats.

Watching baseball games in what feels like football weather doesn’t feel right. When I see players with baseball caps that have Elmer Fudd ear flaps I cringe. I was hoping for a Yankees versus Dodgers World Series for a couple of reasons. Joe Torre showing his old team up was one and the other is that a World Series between teams that have had a long history of competition in October would greatly benefit baseball in general. Unfortunately, the Dodgers season has come to an end.

Speaking of football weather, the New England Patriots looked spectacular last weekend. They were opposing one of the worst teams in the NFL, but they put a whipping on Tennessee that was off the charts. This weekend the Pats will be playing in London at Wembley Stadium. I urge to keep your pinky raised while drinking your beer when watching the match.

On Sunday, October 25th there will be a Zumbathon to raise money for the Nantucket Junior Miss Program. It will take place at the American Legion Hall (Wilkes Square) from 4 – 6 pm. Zumba is a dance/exercise done to Latin Rhythms. Betsey Miniham and Suzanne Davis (two of the nicest people on this planet) are certified instructors and will lead this workout. It will cost you $15 to participate, and you need to be over 16 years old. For further information, contact Wendy Hilts at 508-228-5094.

Halloween is right around the corner. Any celebration with candy or other edibles is all right by me. Seeing kids in their costumes is a kick for me, their parents and especially them. I’ll have more to say on the subject next week.

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  1. Greg Garber Says:

    David…..for those with compromised immune systems (mine included), it is imperative that folks consider a pneumococcal vaccine as well. Perhaps Dr. Lepore can weigh in on this one.

  2. **David** Says:

    Funny you should mention that. Last week I had my regular flu shot and next week I’ll get the pneumonia vaccine. The doctors at MGH told me to get both flu shots as well as the pneumonia vaccine. Dr. Lepore was fine with that. The pneumonia vaccine is given every 5 years. **David**

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