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Marathon Runner

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Dr. Tim Lepore running the Boston MarathonIt’s been unseasonably warm on the island the last few days, but also unusually quiet. That always happens this time of year. It’s school vacation week, and many island families take off for a few days to recharge their batteries before the summer season officially kicks into high gear.

Some leave for the whole week, others for just a few days. Most – but not all – are looking for a nice, relaxing respite before the crowds arrive.

Not Dr. Tim Lepore. Our surgeon, medical examiner, nationally-recognized tick expert, falconer, School Committee member and avid distance runner spent Monday in Boston, running his 40th consecutive Boston Marathon at the age of 63.

He finished in about seven hours, long after the official clocks had been turned off, but he knows he finished, and we know he finished. Our photographer Jim Powers was there.

And Dr. Lepore did it nine days after arthroscopic knee surgery. Crazy? Maybe. Dedicated? Absolutely.

So let’s raise a cup of Gatorade to Dr. Lepore, for there aren’t too many people on the face of the Earth who could – or have done – what he chose to do with a part of his spring vacation.

– Josh Balling, I&M Managing Editor

Spring on Nantucket

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Riding my bicycle into the office this morning for only the second time since last fall, I realized that spring – or at least what passes for spring on an island that’s more often gray and blustery than anything else this time of year – has finally arrived.

Brilliant yellow daffodil blooms are everywhere, the mercury has been hovering above the 50-degree mark pretty much every day now and reports are filtering in from a little further southwest that the striped bass are on the way.